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Slobbering Bulldog as a Pet


Slobbering dogs are well known with the name of English bulldog. Amiable bulldog have friendly and politely like nature. As compared to other dog English bulldog not bark and spend most of time in snoring. It so heavy with face wrinkle personality. Bulldogs have strong body features and are most popular in united state. Sensitive nature bull dog you can enjoy as a pet. Enjoy more about bull dog here with their images.



Bull dog breed has wide head, round neck, folds skin, and wide set eyes. Fold muzzle fold down on bulldog nose that name knot, their thick skin hanging down under their neck with lips. The male bull god body weight 25kg as compared to female that has just 20kg weight. Wonderfully the bulldog tail is too short in straight and screw mood.



Bulldog has kind, and courage behavior attributes. Most of bull dog make friendly nature with owner family. Like other pet excellently bull dog become friendly to ward with kids. Interesting and fun created step laying in bulldog life they want to sleep on your lap or bed. These kinds of breed seldom bark more silently. With their short face bulldog take snore loudly.

Health and Care:


Health problems start in bull dog due to their small face. With gasping breathe problem bull dog cannot run in too hot weather condition. You must keep them in air conditioned environment. They must need daily exercise to live active. If bulldog get over weight health problem like heart and lungs fall. Extra care you give your bulldog in summer season. Take bathing for you bulldog is must firstly use cotton in their ear in this way water do not dropping in the ear.



The best and most good food for your bull dog is chicken, beef, fish, bison, turkey, fruits and vegetable. But if you want to eat something special to your lovely bull dog then yogurt and eggs are best also for their diet.



English bulldogs are so attractive but they have sensitive body to environment factor. Really calm and cool place is best for their living and sleeping. You provide a blanket to your pet bulldog, because if he feel cold than keep protect. Small space area is enough for bull dog in your house.

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