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Siberian Huskies Makes Good Family Pet

Wolves like huskies digs are good family pets are they are affectionate and gentle dogs. Siberian husky dogs are originated in north eastern Siberia. They found medium sizes with average 12 to 14 year life span. These short faces wolves have thick double coat thicker for under side and softer from outer sides. Chukchi tribal people firstly bred these dogs that use for transportations over frozen land in Siberia because these dogs cover long distance in shorter times and feed on little foods.


Siberian huskies are more beautiful, captivating and charming become a family pet in different countries. They are active and have great running abilities. Siberian huskies Are affectionate, obedience yet need more efforts for successful ownership as they have difficult behavior. They are more useful for sledding and carting. They are amazing running companions.   If you desire that Siberian huskies Make good family pet then cover their socializing, companionship needs and training requirements that keeps then gentle otherwise you have to keep them in animal shelters areas. Siberian huskies howl like wolves instead of barking like dogs. They are genteel with kids and best for indoor living.


Siberian huskies have dense and longer topcoat double layer coat have short protective hairs. They found in variety of colors and patterns. Black /white, copper red / white, grey /white are common coat colors, agouti coat and pure white are rare breed of Siberian huskies dogs.   White legs, facial marks, tail tips and paws are generally same in all Siberian huskies. Almond shapes eyes in brown and blue colors glow its charm. Parti-colored eyes (one blue and one brown) also give it distinct look. Siberian huskies are medium size breed weighted between 45-60 pounds and identically have 21-24 inches height.


Siberian huskies generally live in cold spaces need chill and clam space for living. They need special care and precautions in summer seasons as they do not feel better in warmer places. But some owners neglect this point while adopting a Siberian huskies dog a pet. These dogs are suitable for those who live in cooler space like Minnesota. Siberian huskies dog are clean nature so clean its home consistently for keeping it away from any health issues.


Siberian huskies Shedding hairs a lots in spring seasons like other dog’s .so they need proper grooming in these days. Brush its coat and give warmth bath which increase shedding process which fall hairs in short times.


Siberian huskies dog are active breed need lot of exercise involves then in different activities like carting, sledding and running. They feel happier t run in cool places with their owner.

Health Issues

Seizures and eye health issues are more common in Siberian huskies dogs. Hips dysplasia is not found in Siberian huskies dogs as they are active and strong breed.

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