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Shih Tuz “Little Lion” Dog As Pet


Playful, Gorgeous, smart, appealing whatever word you speak for their good looking appearance is meaningless because it sooo……… beautiful as who look it once pretend to look again and bring it home. Shih tuz are watchful and affectionate dog breed origin to Tibet and developed in China. Shih tuz scientifically names as Chrysanthemum god also known as toy dog. Shih tuz have colored relation to wolves firstly originated in china discuss in different theories. In China Shih tuz dogs named as lion dogs that imported into England in 1930.” Apsos” is his class names what classified by Kennel club while in 1023 it become top 15th in list of toy dog breed in united state.



Long double coated Shih tuz dog are lovely and delightful dogs have short muzzle larger eyes in dare shades gain popularity due to its soft coat. These dogs are normally found in 20-28 cm longer in height with a weight of 4 to 8 kg. Gold, white, black, grey, brindle red, blue, dark brown and light brown colors long silky coat with rapidly growing hairs need higher grooming as their hairs touches the floor. Fur covered dropped ears and curled tails look more attractive.



Shih tuz is joyful and interesting dog makes bring happiness and cheerful smile on your face. These dogs are affectionate, lovely, friendly, and gentle dogs. Its appealing house dog sits on your laps and considered as vivacious companion affection with kid and family. They love to plays and shoes attitude. Shih tuz is also intelligent in good learner as they pick up anything in short time and take less effort in learning. They bark to alert you when somebody on the door and behave affectionately with guest. These dogs are loyal with their owner.



Shih tuz are in door dog and never live in outdoor areas as his luxurious coat not suitable for hot and warmth environment. They freely move indoor space as they found on your bed, couches and move around your legs.   Clean out their kennel or pet bed once in a week as they do not like dirt.



There are greater rate of shedding hair in shih tuz as you fine more hair on bed, carpet and couched. So if you are beatnik personality then are not for you. These need proper grooming 2 or 3 times within in a week yet regular brushing and combing make him happy. You can curl up it coat hair in pony style. Colorful clips also available in market that you can use to adorn it coat. Clip hair   from face that then can easily look thins and feed.

Health and Care


Shih tuz need little exercise to keep it active. Just talk them for a walk in a week. Let   its bracelet to run and provide plenty of toys to play. You can train shih tuz do in earlier age as they easily learn to use litter box. Renal dysplasia, entropion, trichiasis, inguinal, and canine hip dysplasia are heath concerns that affect it more. They also face dental and cataract issues that need proper medication.



Three time feeding is necessary for shih tuz puppies but when they become adult do not feed them freely. Provide one or two larger meals snacks one time in days. Take care of it diet as empty stomach for longer time may causes for stomach health problems.

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