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‘’Sheep Clothing’’ Selkirk Rex Cat as Pet




Selkirk rex is the natural bread of curled haired cat. This cat is the affectionate with people and other pet animals. This cat is originated from united stated of America. They are large sized full curly haired cat. It is also known as ‘’sheep clothing’’ cat. This loving cat people keep as pet on the basis of their beauty and lovely nature people keep in their home.

Life span:


Selkirk rex approximately life span is 10 to 15 years.

Physical appearance:


Selkirk Rex Cat is long and short sized curly haired cat. Heavy boned Selkirk Rex Cat is having strong muscular body. Their body coat is plush and loosely curled. Their curly haired is strong on the flanks, tummy back and around the neck. These cats are also having number of cot colors and patterns w with long and short curls. Their body weight is 10 to 15 pounds.

Personality traits:


Selkirk Rex Cats also love affectionate and patient cat. They attach with their owner and their children. These cats are cuddle in nature. These cats can get attention in some amount. They are fun-loving cats with people. Due to their social behavior people like it and keep as pet. These cats are curious and people oriented cats. They are lovely and playful cat. They spend most of their time playing with their guardian such games like laser light, feather toys wad of paper and catnip mice. They can also spend their life as the family member of their owner.



Selkirk rex is fully curled coat cat. Grooming is necessary for their curly hairs. You should Brushing on their coat two times in a week for removing the dead hairs. You may also fluff up their curls through fingers on their pet cat coats. Bathing is rarely necessary when they can get dirty. After bathing they can dry with on air. Tooth brushing must in a week. Wipe their eyes and ears regularly for save with any infection.



They are playful and energetic cat. They need plenty of exercise of their muscular body. These cats are energetic and active cats. Climbing, jumping and playing with toys are the best for their health.

Living conditions:


Selkirk rex are basically indoor cats. They live in indoor setting with their owner. They can sit on the lap of their owner and their family members.

Health and care:


Selkirk rex are basically healthy cat. They can strong muscular cat not fell any dangerous disease but some genetic problem which they can face. So, take care of them with proper care.

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