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“Scared Cat of Burma” Birman Cat as Domestic Pet


Birman cat is playful and quote also call as “scared cat of Burma” according to Buddhist legend. They say that Birman cat was created by a Burmese goddess. These cats live in Burmese temple transform in golden colors after the death of two temple priest.   This story says that Birman cat is originated in Burma yet other theories says they Birman cat firstly originated in France. Birman cats recognized in 1966 in England by Governing Council of the cat fancy after getting approval from Cat Club de France in 1925.



Birman cat is larger size cats as these cats have approximately 6-12 pound weight. Long and silky long coat in points and mitted pattern get attention and found in blue, forest, seal, chocolate, and fawn, red, cream, chocolate and cinnamon colors. Blue eyes and white paw gloves are its distinctive features. Rectangular body, broad face, Roman nose, round eyes Birman cat look delightful.



Birman cat are quite, docile and affectionate pet right for you. Birman cat is less social cat attached only with single person or feel jealousy when its parents or owner ignore it. Birman cat involve in each work which you trying to do. Birman cat are smart cat explore new places or environment within home. It communicates in sweet and soft sounds. Birman cat is lap cats enjoy to sit on your arms just like furry baby.

Life span


Birman cat approximately has 9-13 year life expectancy in good captivity.



Birman cat are less active cat low calories in relation to their body weight which is approximately 70 kcals of food per Kg. These cats quickly gain weight so take care of their diet to avoid them being cover weighted.



Basically Birman cat has moderate shedding yet it needs proper grooming. Brush its coat thrice or more time with in a week. Birman cat required a bath at the end of each season to remove dead hairs. Your also give bath when needed. Train cats about the use litter boxes.




Birman cat also face health problems that may incidental or   may be genetic in natures. Congenital hypotrichosis, corneal dermoid, spongiform, kidney dysfunction are major health issued seem in Birman cats.


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