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Rottweiler as Faithful Gorgeous Pet




Rottweiler is the domestic dog bread which can be medium to large sized dog. They can originate from Germany. Rottweiler is the powerful strong muscular dog. They can also know as ancient dog bread. Dog lovers are like it and keep as pet in their home.

Life span:

Their life span is approximately 10 to 12 years.

Physical appearance:


Rottweiler is powerful body dog. They can have broader head with round forehead. These dogs has wide black nose. Their lips are as loin black colored. Their eyes are also having almond shaped with medium sized. Their eyes are in blue and brown colored. Rottweiler is also having triangular shaped and well developed muzzles. Their body is straight long and firm. Their coat is short and dense. Their tail is also docked. Their male body weight is 95 to 130 pounds. Female weight is also 85 to 115. Their male height is 24 to 27 inch and female height is 22 to 25 inches.


They are courageous and calm dogs. They are also good trainer. They are also loyal and protective. Rottweilers are also good devoted from their owner and their family. They are obedient and having reliable temperament. They are good playmate of their owner children and other pets. They are also guard dog.



Rottweiler dogs can need plenty of exercise with daily walk. They can more need of daily regular walk and jogging. They like walk in garden and wooden areas. Swimming and running is also healthy activities for them.



Their smooth coat is need to grooming. For grooming brush their coat hairs slightly for their beautiful appearance. They can also need bath when they can necessary.

Litter size:


Their litter size is 10 to 12 puppies.



They are live in indoor and outdoor setting in hose. They can also like small yard to live.



They can require 4 to 10 cup of high quality dry food. When you can keep as a pet then take care of their food and provide high quality dog food of their pet dog.

Health and care:


Rottweiler dogs are basically healthy dog. They can prey some diseases such as prone to hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, overeating, panosteitis and allergies. When they can fell in these disease then proper check up of their veterinary doctor and give medicated treatment.

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