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How To Resolve Cat Misbehave Behavior

You are disturbed with your cat misbehave and want to solve it but not solution finds out, need to follow us. Our best ideas help you solve the cat bad behave that often accrue due to some special reason like cat fight with other, feel loneliness, follow the old environment and many others. Here we define step by step procedure why cat do misbehave and how solve it.

Stop All Type Punishment:


Make your relationship playful,interesting, fun and lovely with your cat. Because last define type of reward can solve your cat misbehavior. Cats become bored when they are alone so you play with them that will make your cat calm down or relax. Cat feels more the neglected behave of you so give regular attention. Before attempting discipline first you should built or getting trust of your cat. Don’t hurt because an aggressive behave of cat tell about animal behave.

Love Your Cat:


At first step you should make you cat that listen you that only become possible when you make warm love relationship with your cat. You will see good report at the beginning of relationship. Spending time with cat give it treats in new environment. You will ensure that cat respect you, listen you and follow your command.

Consider Cat Prior Experience:


Think about what kind of life got cat before coming at you. It cat come from a breeder than well feet it, treat good. Keep care that cat adopt may be suspicious in new environment because that depend on past owner.

Cat Hates Water:


The fun idea to discourage the cat misbehaves by spraying the warm water.  It will decrease the activity of happening again and again; because cat learns faster due to negative behave of you. Hide the spray bottle after use so your cat does not know about the spray that you apply on it. Your cat become afraid but don’t afraid from you. You can say it modifying behave and cat will quickly realize that what is bag or good.

Don’t Yell On Cat:


Your yell behavior may be harm for you and your cat. Cats like other animals and don’t give response when you yell on that. You’re yelling behave make your cat afraid or angry of you. Angry cat create entirely different behave and create set of problems.

Loneliness Makes A Cat Misbehave:


In loneliness case cat becomes aggressive or misbehave. In these situation give chance to cat do something with you. Give cat toy or a scratching board that is simple way for entertainment purpose, with this idea you can handle it and give personal attention. When you play with pet cat it feels your deep love.

Cat Routinely Fights With Other Cats:


Cats aggressive behave due to routinely sexual nature or fight with other cats. You can keep your cat inside at night and don’t give chance to fight with other or neighborhood.

Use Special Tone Or Voice For Call:


When your cat misbehave use a special tone or voice for calling. No need to shout because it may scare your cat. When you all your cat in special tone it will recognize him that it do something wrong that you don’t like.


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