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Own Rare White Peacock-As Pet


White peacocks are prettiest and charming creation in world associated with beauty, awareness and spiritual behaviors. Indian peafowl are in amazing colors with eye-pleasing tails that grabs attentions. Peoples how own white peacocks feel as they are extraordinary power and richness. It’s a spiritual animal that why you feel happy with them.

White peacock is named as leucosticte white peacock. Its rare bird spices with white feather look stunning. Its wild animal but also kept as pet because it a selective and spectacular breeding. White peacocks have great resemblance with albino due to lake of pigment yet albinos have pink eyes while White peacocks looks more attractive in blue eyes. Male breed called as peacock while female is named as peahen. Some peoples generally address them as peacock.



White peacocks are more beautiful and inviting breed fully in white. White feathers and quills glimpse it appearance. White peacocks Indian peacock look white due to lake of pigmentation which give color and glow. These birds have beautiful blue eyes. White peacock has great similarities with Indian peacock as they have same size, weight, behaviors, and personalities. White peacock chicks are born in yellow and change is white they reaches it mature stage. It has pink skin and white feathers. White peacocks have total length of 8 feet (3 feet body and 5 feet train) like Indian blue peacock weighed between 9 to 13 pounds.



White peacocks are larger flying birds unfortunately found in cage. These as socialized animal   do not like to live alone. They always live in pairs. It amazing domestic pets hardly to breed yet becomes friendly when tamed. White peacock makes loud and shrill cry which may disturbs your.



Peacock are wild creational live among brunches and scattered trees. It feels happy in wider area as they need larger property or field size yard   for habitation. They roost high over tress to protest them predators at nights. Provide enough grass for bedding. Hay and straw bedding also best for them



As we know peacocks are ground feeders feed on plants, fruits, and flower petals and Seed. They also knew as omnivore’s eats ants, caterpillar, mice, scorpions and slam reptiles. Provide proper diet and supply fresh water for drinking and grooming. They live variety in food so feed them with different food item once a day.



Leave your white peafowl for cooping after 2 or 3 weeks. These birds live in warmth place so provided warmth if you live in cool areas. Rural area is best habitation of white peacocks. Protects you pet from predators and aggressive dogs.



White male peacock dances and wide its fans to attracts female peahen. It’s splendid and beautiful tail (train) vibrated and creates rattle sound and showoff it quills to inspire female peahen as she select as her mate which admires his dance and beauty with eyes.

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