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Pugs as Gentle Natured Pets



Pug is the well known dog bread that can feature with short wrinkly muzzles face dog. It can originate from Asia. Pugs can belong to mastiff group. These dogs are firstly popular in Eastern Europe. It is social able and gentle dog due to this reason people keep as pet. Pugs are also known as ‘’Dutch mastiff ‘’. They can also bread for lapdog.

Life span;

Pugs life expectancy is approximately 12 to 15 years.

Physical characteristic;


Pugs are small sized dog that can feature with round head that is short squared wrinkle muzzles. Their male dog weight is 6 to 9 kg and female weight is 6 to 8 kg. Their male dog height is 12 to 14 Inches and female height is approximately 10 to 1 inches. They can also having deep chest and well developed strong muscles.

Body color;


Their body color is apricot fawn, silver fawn and black colored. Their ears, chicks and muzzles are in black colored with highly wrinkle featured.

Personality traits;


They are sociable and friendly natured dog. They can live in group. They are loving and affectionate with their owner family. Due to this reason people keep as pet. They are highly intelligent dog that can helpful for their training. These dogs can get show exquisite behavior with children and any visitors. It is perfect dog bread that can suitable for pet. They are soft natured dog rarely aggressive due any disturbance. So, it is perfect for children and keep as pet in home setting.



Pugs can having short straight legs. Pugs need daily exercise for their good health. Their exercise is good with daily basis walk. They can also become more energetic with playing games and toys. For their good health you should take exercise on daily basis their pet pugs.



Pugs are more intelligent dog. They can easily learn. These are good trainer dog. When you keep as pet then proper training giving and learn living manner in house setting.



Pugs are smooth short hair dog. So, their grooming is very easy. Brushing on their hairs should daily basis. Shampoo can also if they needed. After bathing, must dry it their body. Their wrinkled face cleans on daily basis for their grooming.



Pug dog housing is more essential when keep a pet. You should provide proper comfortable temperature indoor dog house. This house can have wide space with food and water tray and toys. You should proper care of ventilated room for their good health.



When you keep pug as pet then take care of their feeding. You should provide highly quality dry dog food ½ to 1 cup on daily basis that can divide two times. You should provide plenty of water on daily basis.

Health and care;


Pugs are more sensitive dog. So, take their proper health care with proper veterinary check up. They can fell in many health problems such as pug dog encephalitis and canine hip dysplasia and number of minor disease and skin infection. Proper take care of their cleaning for good health. If you cannot take their pet cleaning they can fell in skin infection and many other diseases. You can also cut their dead hairs. When you keep as pet then provide proper take care of their health for long good life.

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