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What to Do With Pet Remains If Pet Died

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“Every soul will taste death” it the most painful goodbye that you never want to say but everyone has to taste either human or animal. Its heartbreaking time when suddenly you pet dog or cat   dies. It feels like you lost a family member. It agony moment in you live will need time to  come out form this situation but you have to take quick step  to handle  the remain.  Are you dog put to sleep in veterinarian’s hospital or died in home you have to take these decisions staple in this situation. Take patience it bigger loose but there are some take you have to do earlier as possible.

Call someone for help:

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The one is best way to come out this condition to call someone who is close to you if you are alone in home. You may call to close family member, friend or even neighbor close to your door who become part of this misery event and guts you up. He or she provide emotional support and help you in handling pet body and other procedure.

Contact to veterinarian:

If you pet died in home then call to pet related veterinarian to asking it what to do nest. He tells you about after cat arrangement and other information related to pet. Some pet owner has pet death insurance so they must have to contact the vet even they know the entire procedure.  The vet plays a middle man role in death services

Who you remain pet body:

This one is most important and staple decision that either you decide home burial or cemetery burial.  Mostly pet owner prefer third option that is to contact after death business parties for cremation.

Home burial to keep it close:

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If you have deep feeling about your pet and do not let it go far away from you then the best option is buried remains in home garden or backyard. By doing so you would able to keep your pet close to you. You can celebrate it funeral and memorial services in home.

Cemetery burial:

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Different stats also have pet cemeteries for formal burial.  If you do not have enough space inside the home for pet burial then cemetery burial is best option but little costly but it is too comfortable for your pet.


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If you have no enough property for home burial and budget to pay for cemetery then there is third option to keep your pet close after its death. Cremation is painful method of burning pet body. Cremation parties returned dog aches for burial after cremation process. Know it depend on you either you burial it or always keep it with you of decorative urn or vase. Preserving pet ashes may disturbed you later so it’s better to scattered it in yard  to bring it home  again  where it play and live.

Best way to handling the body:

This one is not an interesting talk but it necessary so keep you mind and heart in control. You have t o know the cautions of handling you pet body when you have to plan for cremation.

Freeze the body:

Store the pet body in cool place of home if there is time in handling the body to burial companies.  Temporary keep remains in freezer or refrigerator if pt died in home otherwise veterinarian have cold room facility to keep the remains. Be sure body should not keep in home more the 4 to 6 hours. The odor will become severe and spread in entire home.

Clean out body fluids:

After death pet body released some fluids need proper cleaning. Wears latex gloves and clean the pet mouth genital and anus where the fluid and waste releases. Also clean the floor when the body removed.

Packed body for easy handling:

Pick an extra blanket, towel, or bed sheet which easily wrapped around the body. You can pack them in larger duty plastic trash bag for handling. Placed body on blanket or other clot and packed it in curled-up style and then put it in bag and tigtly knot it to provide easy and comfortable handling.

Home burial procedure:

If you decide to bury pet in your property you have to follow local law and try to provide comfortable burial.  Firstly remove all accessories like neckband other any other non biodegradable material.  Select wooden or cardboard casket for home burial and dig a grave which is 3 feet deeper or more if you have larger pet.   Select the property have not threat of dug up again.

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