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Pakistani Gull Dong as Pet


Gull Dong is powerful dog breed throughout the world but unfortunately this dog does not registered by any international dog Association and club. These dogs are originating from Pakistan and recognized by different names such s Bull dog, Bully Gull Terr and Pakistani Bull dog. These are rare fighter dog bred for fighting games, hunting and home guarding.



Gull Dong is cross breed dog between two breed known as Gull Terr and Bully Kutta. Gull Terre also named as Pakistani Bull Terrier while Bully Kutta is normally recognized as Indian Mastiff and Pakistani Mastiff. Gull Dong 3/4 of physical and personality features get from Gull Terr while1/4 is from Bully Kutta.   Power of bully Kutta and swiftness of Gull Terr which make it best fighting dog. These are aggressive just like English Bull Terrier dogs.


Gull Dong is pure Pakistani breed that’s way Pakistan is their only originated country.

Life span:

These dogs live up to 10-12 years.

Litter size:

Average litter size of the dog is lies between 5-8 puppies.

Physical description:


Gull Dong are medium size dog has stronger body frame and powerful muscular system. An adult Gull Dong male dog is about 34-42inches higher with 90-140lbs weight while female Gull Dong is 3034 inches higher. Flat and smooth coat covered with short hairs. Generally Gull Dong found in white, grey and brindle hues. Most gull terrier is in white color also having spots on their bodies.  These dogs are the larger dog breed in Pakistan.  Broader chest flat massive head featured with short muzzle, wider forehead and black nose.  It also recognized from it ear shape that are in drop shape white little cropping.



Gull Dong is active, intelligent, and athletic dog breed have both dominant and aggressive personalizes. They are fighter dog also breed for hunting and guard dogs.  They are loyal, faithful and devoted dog. They are also good with other family members.  All the time you found them alert and active.  Gull Dong is powerful and protective dog. They are aggressive about their family and territory.  I like their challenge accepting nature. They love to face challenges.

Living condition:


Gull Dong is best for outdoor lining. He has to need enough space to live.  Larger size kennel, shed with larger backyard is best surrounding to stay him active. Provide cool shedding in summer and cozy bedding during winter season. Supply fresh water all the time along with health food. If you breed fighting dog then serve more the other dogs.  Avoid bringing Gull Dong dog in home when you have other smaller animals and dogs. These dog are little affectionate with kid but never let the kid go near him without any observation.


Gull Dong are short hair dog shed very low. It’s non- hypoallergenic dog breed. Don’t be worried about it grooming as it has little grooming needs. Brush his short hair coat with air comb or brush to remove dead skin cell and extra hairs.  Wipe the body with damp or wet cloth. Bath only required in needed time.  Paw and teeth care keep him away from health issues.



Gull Dong is intelligent and active dog quickly learn. If you want to breed Gull Dong dog then it necessary to adopt them in earlier ages. Spend more time with puppy as then become familiar with you.  It’s necessary to train them about housing and discipline.  These dogs do not take too much time. They quickly receive commands but for this purpose you have complete knowledge about how to train Gull Dong.  Most people breed Gull Dong as fighter dog. Their training is quite different from common dogs.


Gull Dong has higher exercise need because they are high energy dogs. Daily walk and lot of playing activities is good for him.

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