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Non-allergic Burmilla cat as pet


Burmilla cat is gentle and affection cat become popular cat breed among cat lover as it non-allergic and low shedding cat. Burmilla cat are playful and compact cat   as you can spend unforgettable moment with its. Enjoy it company to live happily ever after.

Life span:

Average longevity range of Burmilla cat is 7-12 years.



In 1981 Burmilla cat is developed cat   breed resulting from accidental mating between   chinchilla and Burmese cat that’s why Burmilla cat is amazingly similar to Burmese cat. Burmilla cat parents are lilac Burmese mother and silver chinchilla father. Burmese cat litter four kittens that are different form Burmese cats having black-tipped coloring that look gorgeous. Burmilla cat is rare cat seem occasionally. These cats do not accepted by recognized registries in United States.



Burmilla cat is medium size cat but they also have sturdy and stocky features. Burmilla cat is about 8-12lbs in weight with heavy boning and muscular body. Burmilla cat is compact and active cat have smooth short coat in black, blue, lilac, apricot, beige, caramel and chocolate color with tortoiseshell and shaded patterns. Round with round tips ears, green color eyes   with slight slant.



Burmilla cat is highly compatible cat with other pet cats while it also good for other pet animals. Burmilla cat love kids nut they do more like harsh behavior from kids. These are active, intelligent, lively and social cat easily attached with owner. Burmilla cat is sweet natured cat live happy in all conditions. It also affectionate and loving nature required owner interaction and time. It’s loyal, friendly, devoted and true companion especially in lonely evenings. Mostly Burmilla cat demanded caresses and   popper timing for you. They are social but do not familiar with strangers.

Living condition:


Burmilla cat are good climber and jumper quickly climb on tree and perches. They love playtime and show plaid attitude toward playing. It adjust in every environment ether apartment living or airy homes. These are indoor cat but love to play outside in garden.


Burmilla cat are active and stronger bones body need no more exercise just give extra time to playing or take it in near park for walking.



Burmilla cat is non allergenic and low shedding cat does not need much grooming because these cats have short and close lying cat. Just comb its coat regularly to remove dead hairs and skin oil or clean it coat with wet cloth. Bath it if of feel necessary. Burmilla cat must need daily petting sessions or stomach rubbing.



Burmilla cat is active and lively cat spend more of tone in playing and other active activities.   Provide it enough toys and playing ornament. Feeding is also another element that need you attention. They need approximately 80 kcals per kg food daily in relation to body weight. Provide clean water. Clean out its litter box and bedding to provide germ free environment. Burmilla cat is weight gaining cat breed so   watch it carefully and control its nutrition if you seem   it gaining weight.



If we talk about general health of Burmilla cat it’s better to say that Burmilla cat is health cat well live in captivity but it also prone to polycystic kidney disease that may causes to renal failure. It needs proper vaccination and treatment for good health. Take it regular check from related vet twice in a year.


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