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Neapolitan Mastiff as Loyal Pet




Neapolitan mastiff is large sized good natured dog.  They belong to mastiff family.  They are natural guard dog.  They are loyal and intelligent dog. So people can like and keep as pet in home setting. They are good trainer dog. So you may also train according to their wishes. As their appearance it is large sized and heavy weight wrinkles face dog.


They can originate from Italy.

Life span:

Neapolitan mastiff has approximately up to 10 years life span.

Physical appearance:


Neapolitan mastiff is the powerful dog. They can heavily bone massive dog bread. It is also famous for loose ski dog.  They can have wrinkles and folds at the head and face. Their wide ad flat head is in large sized. They can also having large sized nostrils with open nostrils.  Their eyes are deep set with amber to brown colored. When they are puppies their eye colors is blue when they can larger their eye color is darken.  Their ears are cropped. Their round feet are in large sized with arched toes.


Male: 26 to 30 inches female: 24 to 28 inches


Their weight is up to 165 pounds.

Coat color:


Neapolitan mastiff coat is also having number of colors such as solid grey, chocolate, mahogany, blue, black, tan brindle colors.


Neapolitan mastiffs are loyal independent and proactive dog. They are peaceful and loving calm dog.  They are very intelligent and courageous dog. They are also easily trainable according to your instruction.  You must teach your puppy according to their requirements. They can socialize dog and live with their owner and their family with happily. They are natural guard dog. Cool and calm natured dog like to everyone. So, people can keep as pet in home setting.



Large sized and heavy weight puppies need to exercise for healthy life.  They can need daily long walk twice in day. This walk can helpful to maintain their behavior. If you can having as a pet then must teach to enter and exit in door after human. Their daily exercise e or walk is more beneficial your puppy health.



Neapolitan mastiff puppies are also having short haired puppies. So their grooming is easy. Their dead hairs are removed through rubber brush. Wipe their face wrinkle and dry with soft fabric and save from skin folding infection. Trim their nails when they can need. Brush their teeth twice in a week. When you can keep then must take care of their ear eyes and each and everything in their body. You may also keep neat and clean their puppy.

Living conditions:

Neapolitan mastiff puppies are indoor dog if you can provide proper exercise. They can inactive in indoor setting so you may also provide small yard for activity.  When you can keep in outdoor yard then must take care in warm weather and provide a shade water and cool place for living.



As their body size they required large amount of food.  Experts and veterinary doctor suggest 4 to 6 cup of high quality dry food. Their food quantity is also increased as their requirement.

Litter size:


Neapolitan mastiff is also having approximately 6 to 12 puppies.

Health problems:


Neapolitan mastiff puppies are healthy puppies but their overweight is also cause of number of disease. Hip dysplasias, elbow dysplasia, cleft palate, cardiomyopathy demodicosis, bloat pano-ostiosis (joint pain) and also suffer from prone to cherry eyes. When they ca fell in these disease then take care of them and take veterinary doctor for treat well.
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