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Modern Wall-Mounted Cat Bad Ideas


After long time playing and fun you cat must be tired and need a corner to take rest or sleeping. Provide best and comfortable opportunity   of laying and sleeping where it feels happy and cheerful. Wall mounting and climbing is its favorite jobs then its awesome ideas to provide wall-mounted cat bed far above the kid, dogs and other beings that disturb it while sleeping. Corner or places near roof ceiling is best   to hand bed and shelves. Wall mounted bed shelves and condo are available in flawless designs that look gorgeous. These shelves bring inviting charm in home interior decoration but also a joyful sleeping space for pet cat. Soft and smoothing beddings  are always appreciated.

Interesting Cat Furniture:


Cat loves love climbing and wall mounting. Bring interesting and unique cat furniture that keeps your cat happing but also bring elegance and chic charm in home decoration. Wood and sheep skin crafted wall mounted tree furniture is awesome addition in modern homes its comfortable and relaxed refuge for pet cats always for naughty kids. Four tired wall hanging module have comfy sheep skin beddings. Wall mounted steps also designs for easy reach. It’s give neat and playful look in visible areas. It’s super cool shaped furniture having 4 floor, 4 beddings and ladder. It designs by Mojorno who named its “catissa”, 47 inch higher and 28 lbs in weight with water based paint and lacquer featuring. Pine wood used to designs this impressive cat wall mounted shelf.

Wall-Mounted Cat Condo:


Geometrical shapes wall-mounted cat bed is more demanded by cat pet owners. Square, round and oval shapes mounting condo bed are exclusive and ultra-chic designs that become amazing spot for cat resting. You cat feel happing in these condos. Oval shaped bed is in different colors such as beige, white and black are common color used for designs this marvelous condos bed.

Curvy Cat Sleeping Shelves:


Dark brown wood crafted cat scratching post and sleeping bed is modern and ideal designs for modern homes. . Curvy wall mounted bed attracts cat owner form its eye-pleasing styles. Different sizes curvy modules crafted wall mounted tree shelving is best furniture for climbing and resting for one or more cats. Put a mat or pillow to provide soft and mushy sleeping beddings for sweet sleeping.

IKEA Basket Wall Mounted Condo:


IKEA hand woven round over sized basket is amazingly   brought in use to craft wall mounted cat bed.   Soft color and neatly woven basket is screw into wall just height from the floor. It’s cute and impressive kitty cat home. Yellow or other personalized color cushions, pillow or towel beddings is good ideas to make sleeping corner comfortable.

Octagonal Cat Shelf:


Walnut wood crafted wall mounted shelf in octagonal designs have adjustable panels. Adjustable panel allow cat owner to modify shelf according to cats size and shape, its unique and inviting addition in modern homes that garbs attentions, also fits to your cat choice. It’s save little heaven for cats that take them to their dream land.

Wall Mounted Play Station And Fabric Hammock Bed:


It’s popular and customer favorite cat wall mounted furniture having ladder, sisal hole and hammocks set in just one piece. It’s difficult to find all features in one piece but Esty do it.  Soft fabric crafted hamming in two number is chic option of lounging far from dogs reach. Running up ladder and sisal-lined holes is used to go up and back. Throw toy up for playing. It also good furniture   exercise benefits, cat feel active while run over ladders and pass through sisal holes. Fabric hammock mounted on wall with solid and heavy canvas posts.

Oval Cat Wall Mounted Bed Set:


Oval shaped wall mounted cat bed shelves is comfortable world high from any place. Oval shape bed with soft pillow is unique and lovely piece of furniture that provide safe and secure bedding during sleeping. Smooth and cozy matters design with maximum comfort needs. It’s easily fit in home interior. Oak, walnut, maple and wenge wood crafted oval shelf is best furniture for apartment living.

Cute Wall Mounted Cat Bed:


It’s simple and neat looking cat shelf mounted into wall. It-s color matched with cat coat. It’s a cute bed for loving cat. Wall mounted shelf over less space best option for apartments. It’s also chic furniture for wall treatment.

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