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Mammal Bear Life Facts


Bears are large mammal treats with their children same as human mother. These have naturally strong, healthy and active. Bears wonderfully live their life with intelligent mind ability and large mind ration. At a time they use object for hunting and playing. Only eight species of bear live throughout the world in different areas. These are dangerous for human when it stand on legs and roar. More facts about bear here we share with you.


Brown bear

Polar bear

spectacled panda

American black bear

Asiatic black bear

Sun bear

Panda bear

Sloth bear



Bear have large body size with skin hair, short tail, sturdy legs, paw with claws, long snout. The black bear have both black and brown color that is very common in their species. The size of their body is different according to the region where bear live.

Personality traits:


Bear take long sleep in winter season. With their enough weight bear can climb on trees and run fast. Even polar bear can enjoy swimming in summer season. Their hearing, smelling and sight sense are excellent and great eyes help them to know either is ripe or not.



Panda bear are herbivores like polar are carnivores. The other six species of bear can eat plants, meat and fish. In bear diet fish and meat is best that provide them more protein and fat.



Bear keep active in day light. Polar bear, American and brown bear are dangerous for human life. Bear have powerful body with this ability these can easily attack on person. You can understand the bear with their standing ability on two legs and diet. Mostly owner become fail to enjoy with pet bear due to their basic need of life.


Female bear breeding season start in May and continue up to July. Bear cubs live 3 years with their mother and she takes care of them so much. When bear baby become 9 year old they become young.

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