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Loyal Jingo Dogs Life Information as a Pet



There is no official account about Jindo but many exporters say that it has been in the Jindo province for many centuries. No proof found about this breed of dog origination. But famous theory state that they may be descends from Mongolian dog during 1270. Despite many theories there is evidence that Jindo have excited in Korea at least 1500 years. In Korea these dogs are responsible for monitoring the entire population and used hunting purpose. Due to these characteristic found in this breed of dog police, military, rescue, and search department enjoys. Nowadays Jindo dog are still highly respectable as a pet or in different departments.

Other Name:

Korean Jindo
Jindo dog

Life Duration:

12 to 15 years.



Korea national breed of dog features double coated, short loin, increase length, ears, head and muzzle, depth chest equal to one-half the height. Appearance of Jindo dog is longer not tall. Back is strong and straight, well muscled, taut, lean are narrow as compare to ribcage. Feet of dogs are medium and round in shape; nails are in black, cream, or gray color but hard. Head skull is broad and rounded with wrinkle free ear. Triangle shape ears keep upright. Eyes of gods are almond, light brown and round. Nose is always black while lips also taut and black. Pink tongue is solid.



Thick and long tail of dog is set at the top of line and as long that reach the hock joint. The dog tail may be loosely curved and hair is thick and as long as coat on shoulder.

Body Color:


White coat is actually off-white shade with light brown tip of ear, black hind legs. Grey, fawn and black color also found in these Jindo dogs. In early age dark brown or black strips like a tiger also gain the dog.

Height & Weight:

Height: male (48-65 cm) female (41-58 cm)
Weight: male (16-23 kg) female (11-18 kg)

Living Condition:

Jindo god make great house do due to its loyalty, good nature, and physical stimulation. These are not suited for park environment because reasonable space need for roam to these dogs. If you are kept in yard then arrange at least 6 feet high fence around it. Intelligent and active dog require interaction with people or other family pet allow the dog that learn trick and command. If you left the dog alone then it will find its own entertainment. You can easily train them at home.



Jindo god need love to roam. Daily minimum 30 minute walk gives to keep the dog happy. These are not famous for fetching so you can train it. During walk become sure and not allow the dog that walk front of human. Need patience to dog during training, as you know these are highly intelligent.



As Jindo dog are double coated so shed them twice a year. During shedding season extra care should gives, daily brushing necessary to remove the dust.



Jindo dog have digestive tracks optimized serve standard or cheap food. Food High in corn may be bad for Jindo. Home cook meals with natural ingredients is a special diet for your pet dog. You can enjoy high quality commercial food to your Jindo.
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