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Long Haired Russian Cat- Nebelung Cat As Pet


Nebelung cat or long haired Russian cat is domestic cat is popular pet cat. It’s laid-back. Affectionate and friendly cat, you must enjoy its company. This cat has amazing personality and playful appearance that are greater factor of rapid growth in Nebelung cat as pet.



Nebelung cat   have delightful and interesting history. Nebelung cat breed firstly developed in 1980s when a computer programmer named Cora Cobb give a black cat to her son as a gift. Its shorthair domestic cat calling name is Elsa which later mated with Russian blue cat. In this matting litter five black and blue short hair cats produces yet one cat   had long hair black coat that look graceful. This one is first Nebelung cat named as Siegfried by Cobb. After that Elsa gives a birth of another cat which is just like Siegfried in her second litter. Cobb is really inspired by this cat. He named other kitten as Burnhilde. In further breeding program Siegfried and Burnhilde matted together who give birth of first litter in 1986s. Cobb in touched with registering cat association. Cobb applied in The International Cat Association for its registration and matched cat with international blue Russian cat standard then they found a difference between their coats. Russian cat have short haired coat while this breed had long coat. In 1987 Nebelung cat   officially accepted as domestic cat by TICA. Now it assumes as another recognized breed. Later other cat association also recognized its.



Nebelung cat is playful and attractive cat with long haired coat and green eyes. Nebelung cat is medium to large size cat having   long body. Legs and long coat which is its distinctive features. Wedge shaped head, slightly oval eyes and pointed tip ears are visible characteristic. Nebelung cat   is sturdy and firm muscular body with long tail. Silver blue fluffy and floated long haired coat is its dominant point that make is distinctive from Russian cat. Double coat feel smooth and silky that you love to carry it. Their tail covers with a fur while female cat also have a rough around their neck that look gorgeous. Its larger side cat found in 7.11- 14.5 lbs in weight



Nebelung cat is affectionate yet little shy behaviors toward human. First she reserved an after some it become your friend. It’s gentle, loving and curious cat. It feels happing to explore world and study humans in free time. Its required full involvement when you spend time with it. Nebelung is social, friendly and loyal cat with family member’s especially small kids. It’s fully bounded someone whom it likes. Its love to follow you event she climb on shoulders. Nebelung mage soft and quite voices that so beautiful. Nebelung behave politely with gentle kid while it do not like clumsy attitude of naught kids.

Life Span:

Average life expectancy of Nebelung cat is more than 16 years.

Litter Size:


Nebelung cat size is three kittens in single litter.

Living Condition:


Nebelung cat is active and lively cat love to play. Jumping and climbing is its favorite activities. Nebelung cat is indoor cat yet love to go outside. Provide lot of toys and perches to play that keep its active. Nebelung cat   are safe inside the home as it’s have no threat from dog and other pet.

Health And Care:


Nebelung cat have dense long hair coat need proper grooming. Brush its car with hair brush twice or thrice in a week to remora headed hairs. Focus on neck and under the legs when brushing its coat. Regularly teeth brushing are good for health as well as trimming nail is necessary. Nebelung cat is generally health cats but like other pedigree and mixed breed cats it’s also prone to some diseases that may genetic in nature. Take to near vet for regular checkup once in a year. Cancer is more common in Nebelung cat. Clean its litter box because it’s more practical for bathroom hygiene.



Nebelung cat is active cat spend more of time in playing so it does not need to much exercise just give extra time and more playing opportunities.



Nebelung cat   love meet, chicken, fish and eggs. Give nutritious food   as proper time. They also love dry cat food choose high quality dry food its necessary for health.

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