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Hay my dear pet lover if your question is llama makes good pet then my answer is “yes”. 40 years ago in American society llama are use as pack animal. Native community pack load 50 to 70 pounds. You can enjoy the llama with load 20 Millis. If you load over then these refuse to walk and sit down. Know more about Llama from below description with picture.

Life span:

Llamas can enjoy life round about 20 years.


Body weight of Llama is 250 to 350 pounds.

Pregnancy period:


During pregnancy Llama take 11 to 12 month and gives only one baby.



Llama’s height is 6 feet with their long and curvy ear. Narrow feet, short tail, and woolly skin llamas are so pretty.



Llamas are pretty and intelligent animal. You can easily train to them and enjoy at home. They have curiosity nature and sometime live close to stranger for alertness. Llamas can make gossip with their tail, ear, and body gestures. I have seen they can live with other animal and don’t show any aggression with them. They have pleasant smell of wool on body.



You can serve the food that has lots of vitamin, protein, minerals. As food supplements mash, grain, hay can eat the llama. Fruits are also best diet for llama eating. In cold weather more feed need to llamas for warmth up the body. Little water different kinds of plants llamas can eat.



Three-sided building best in summer season for llamas. When cold weather starts you will close the one open side. During summer season when days are too hot arrange the ceiling fan in llama house. Trees are best source for providing the shade to llamas. Fence arranges all around the llama’s house at least 6 feet high otherwise llamas make high jump. Fence needed when develop when you want to keep the llamas separate from other animals.



Female llamas become mature in 12 to 18 months while male in 18 to 24. Their bred reproduction period can be start any time of the year. Without any assistance baby llamas is born in day light. When llama’s baby is born its body weight is 18 to 35 pounds.

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