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Lionhead Rabbits Friendly Pet for Kids


Lionhead rabbits are playful, gentle and comprehend domestic pets considered new breed in united state originated in Belgium. Recently American Rabbit Breeder’s Association passed as domestic breed. It also wins Legs of grand champion in 2104. Lion head rabbit breed by crossing miniature Swiss fox and Netherlands dwarf, in result long coated dwarf rabbit breed. After that lot of crossing done to breed following lionhead breeds described here:

Types Of Lionhead Rabbits


Dwarf lionhead rabbits

Single maned lionhead rabbits

Double maned lionhead rabbits

Lop eared lionhead rabbits

Brown lionhead rabbits

Blue lionhead rabbits

Black lionhead rabbits

Black and white lionhead rabbits

Grey lionhead rabbits

White lionhead rabbits



Lionhead rabbits are smaller animals have compact body, bold head and medium length legs with well developed muzzle. 3 inched long ears. Single or double mane in with two inch length circular around the head and between the ear in shape of fringe that create a wool cap. This once and playful and unique feature that why it named as lionhead rabbit. Lionhead rabbits are smaller in size as they just have 3 pound weight. Double maned lionhead rabbits have two mane genes which are thicker product with two single manes. While single mane lionhead rabbits have only one mane gene copy.

Life Span

Lionhead rabbits is average life expectancy is 8 years with heavy health care.



Lionhead rabbits are affectionate and gentle breed suitable for kids. If it acts funny its face some problems so check what tend it to do this. Their friendly behaviors make it favorites pet feel shy when comes in homes so leave alone few days to adjust with new environment.



Lionhead rabbits are indoor and outdoor pet yet indoor housing are more suitable as sometime lionhead rabbits are neglected if stay out of the home. These lionhead rabbits need less greenry, like grass, sunshine, and fresh are that ways the stay well in indoor places. So select predicator proof enclosure and place it in quiet and peaceful corner of home but choose that corner which always in your focus. avoid to place soft wood bedding as they have respiratory problems caused due to wood so it better to keep diy bed or soft towel bed inside the cage along with food tray and water bottle. Bunny’s cage must be in larger size they they walk in easily. Bedroom size cage is suitable for b which gives larger space to run.



Lionhead rabbits love to eat apple, bananas, carrot, fresh grasses and timothy hay. Give them proper diets according to their body weight which is approximately 1/8 cup of pellets per pound. Avoid serving high calcium greens vegetables that may danger for their kidney as these vegetable generate bladder stones. Water is necessary for lionhead rabbits, keep water in cage all the time.

Health and care


It’s better for your bunny health to take them for a checkup by a veterinarian once in years. Take care of their vaccination for good health that vary from country to county ask physician about vaccination. if you found wet chin, watery eyes, weight loss then be attentive your lionhead rabbits are in problem. It may face any dental issue when feel wet chin or diarrhea if it loss weight. Lionhead rabbits have greater threat from predators so keep away predator form lionhead rabbit’s cage.



Soft and fluffy lionhead rabbits coat need proper grooming to save it from bowel obstructions. It needs regular grooming to shape longer fur and mane between hairs. They need extra care them other domestic rabbits so your may bond some time for their everyday grooming.

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