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Do You Like Aggressive Wombat as Pet



Wombat is small sized short legged animal. It is adapted and tolerant habit animal that can live in forest and mountains. Wombat is belonging to Australia. It is wild animal that can dangerous for pet but carefully keep as pet in their home setting.


Wombat can have three species.

Common wombat

Southern hairy-nosed wombat

Northern hairy-nosed wombat

Physical appearance:


Wombat is the small sized wild animal. Their body size is the 1m in length which having stubby tails. Their body weight is approximately 20 to 35 kg. Their body length is 10 cm. their front teeth are like rodent animals. Their body color is sandy to brown and grey to black.

Personality traits:


Wombat is the self demanding but aggressive animal. It is the slow motion animal. Their digestion system is also very slow because they can digest their food 8 to 14 days.


Wombats are herbivorous animals so; they eat grass, herbs, roots, sedges, roots and bark. When you keep as pet then provide large about of grass and green foods.

Human attacking:

It is the wild animal so they can attack on human. When you can keep as pet then take care of them. They can attack throw claws and as well as bite. When you keep as pet then rubber shoes or wool socks wear during handling.

Living style:


Wombat is live in hole. They can dig a hole for hide. When you keep as pet then provide a hole for housing and hidden.

Is it keep or not as pet:

Wombat is illegal animal because it wild. Rare people to keep as pet so, when you keep as pet then get permit for their government and carefully keep as pet.

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