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Land Snails Cute Pet for Kids


Snails are Gastropoda class members have thousand of spices which include land c, sea b and fresh water snails. Land snails are amazing pets best for kids especially school going kids. These pets are easy to bred have greater learning prospect for they. Kid learn more by watching them during eating, growing, crawling. Land snails live on ground commonally named as terrestrials. They have shell on body that give them protection Land snails are also available in many types such as:

Giant African snails

Decollate snail

Giant Ghana tiger

Edible snails

Garden snail

Garden snails are native snails best for family pet and no legal issue for keep them in home while some snails are illegal in different countries.



Garden Snails are gentle in nature love to feed on crops and gardens but non native snails are threat for environment as they damage ecosystem. They have stronger muscular feet used for crawling they also move through gliding. They live happy and healthy with its companions. So when you purchased a ground snail pick up more them one as they enjoy stimulation.


Live span

Snails are long time companion as they live about 3-15 year in good captivity. Make sure that you devote your time for them prior to take them in home.



Take a plastic box, container or tank to provide habituation to your pet snails. Clear acrylic tanks are best for them as they look easily in transparent box. Choose box that have plenty of ventilation and have enough slave to carry more than one snail. Set larger pet pal to provide best home to snails. Plastic boxes are east to transport and clean then glass tanks or aquarium. Tight the lid otherwise your pet put it up to escape. Fill bottoms of box with potting soil or hums  and avoid keeping small pebbles, rocks. Keep the ground moist by spring it twice in a day. Fit some plastic made planter pot and wood and other playing ornament that keeps it active.



Apples, mushrooms, banana, carrots, green leafy vegetables are favorite snail’s food. They also love to eat dry cat food. Give verity of food and avoid giving them any salty thing. Serve his food in food dish and also supply water to drink and play.



Handle snail with wet hand and if you find them in corner of the tank them spray water over their head. Do not force them to more. Put v on your palm and watched hand before and after   handling snails. Provide leaves and other thing for climbing up. And be careful while you grab snails form its shell. Clean out snails habitation once a month and remove it eggs if you do not desired herd of prior to their hatching.



You can wash you snails pet occasionally with water to remove dust and make them pet free pet. Take   normal temperature water and keep snails in dish and pour water on it shell and do not put them fully in water. Take soft cloth. Toothbrush of use fingers to clean them gently.

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