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Laid-Back Kashmir Cat as Pet


Kashmir cat or cashmere cat is non recognized cat developed in North America. It has no relation with the region have similar name of Indian subcontinent. Kashmir cat is easy to breed cat and form Himalayan cat due to its coat. Kashmir cat is cute and good looking cat have long –hair to medium length hair coat.


Kashmir is firstly developed by cross breeding Persian cat and Siamese cats in 1930s in North America. This cross breeding result in Himalayan cat come into being with color pointed Persian. Breed developer experienced further to develop a Himalaya cat with lilac and chocolate pointed marks then solid lilac and chocolate cat developed named as Kashmir cat. Kashmir is formal cat in united state yet it cute and loving cats. The Canadian Cat Association recognized it but The American Cat Association and other international do not accept it as a breed.


Kashmir cat is medium size cat with a weight of 10-14 pounds. Kashmir cats are found in lilac to chocolate color coats. Larger eyes, small ears and tiny muzzle are visible features of Kashmir cat. These cats have plump body, round face, short legs and medium size tail. Kashmir cat is playful and gentle cats have beautiful eyes expression that grabs attentions. Long, thicker coat in lustrous shine look awesome. It’s also silky and soft in feeling when you touch it.



Kashmir cat is affectionate, loving and socialized cat. Their laid-back attitude make it favorite cat as it untroubled for pet owners. It’s soft and sweet voices also impressive quality that attract cat lover. Its easily adjust in every environment either urban apartment living or other homes. Kashmir cat is intelligent and quick learning cats pick up thing   by her to that necessary to adjust somewhere. These need high attention as they spent hours in waiting of you attention and caressed. They are ideal cat for kid and other pet.


Kashmir cat is sweet tempered cat do not jump and also have clean nature best for apartment living. Those who allergies form cats breed this cat in home. Kashmir is indoor cat love to sit of couch and or sleep on bed with you. These cat shows demanding behaviors when you are late in serving meal.


Kashmir cat has long, silky and shinny coat need extra grooming on regular bases. Brush or comb its coat with wide toothed comb to remove dead hairs, tangled and oil skins.   Clean cat eyes with wet cloth daily.

Life Span:

Generally Kashmir cat live for 20 years


Eye-infection or irritations, repository problems are common health issues prone to Kashmir cat. Kidney diseases and also major problem seems in cats.   Take Kashmir for regular check twice in a year or quickly visit related vet if you suspect any health disorder.




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