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Korat ‘’Good Luck Cat’’ As Pet



Korat cat is the short haired domestic cat. It is the oldest natural cat bread. It is the playful and strong bounding with their owner. Korat cat is originated from Thailand. Korat cat is also known as ‘’good luck cat’’. Korat cat is only gift for their friend not to sell. Korat cat is semi-cobby and heavy weight cat. People like it and keep as pet in their home.

Life span:

Korat cat average life span is 10 to 15 years old.

Physical appearance:


Korat cat is slat grey blue colored cat. It is looking beautiful with their appearance. Sweet heart shaped head which having large peridot green colored eyes. They can also large flared ears on their heat shaped head. This cat is muscular strong with smooth curves. Korat cat is medium sized cat. Their body weight is 6 to 10 pound.

Personality traits:


Korat cat is the social cat they can easily bind with peoples. It is the affectionate and attention seeker cat. When you can keep as pet then give proper time of their pet cat. Korat cats are playful and show love with their owner through climb on lap and arms. They can get gain attention with their owner too much. If their owner gives some attention on other pet then they feel jealousy with other pet.



They are very intelligent cats. They learn more traits though positive reinforcement. They learn tricks quickly as the order of their owner. They learn more tricks with their owner.

Living condition:


Korat is the domestic pet cat. They can live in indoor setting with their owner. They live happily with their owner as climbing to on her lap and sleep on the bed.



Korat cat is the short haired cat so need littlie grooming. Comb on their coat for removing dead hairs. Tooth brushing is also must on daily basis for preventing  periodontal disease. Trim their nails weekly. You should Wipes the corner of their eyes to save from any disease. A bath when it can necessary.

General Heath:


Korat cat generally a healthy cat but those people who keep a pet know about their disease which they can fell it neuromuscular degenerative disease. These diseases can make sensitive to anesthesia. When they can fell in such disease then proper check up of their veterinary doctor and cure early.


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