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Keeping Silver Fox as Pet


Silver fox is highly bred by humans due to their diverse fur coloring. In Russian countries the elite and nobles member wear silver fox fur to show their status and class. Now it becomes favorite pet in Russian, European especially western region, and China. Silver fox are not the natural breed animal. It generated with a color variation in their coat. You can domesticate a silver fox if they tamed in best way and you have enough budgets to breed them.


Silver fox is mutant form of red fox generally found in three different colors. Fully black silver fox with white tail tip is the common breed of silver dog. Bluish grey with white tail tip and cinereous color silver fox with white coloration on the side are other two types of silver fox.

Physical description:

Silver fox are generally found in the same size like red fox means they are larger breed among fox family. They have glossy and soft hair fur long in length some time extend under the throat. Hair also grows 5cm long behind the shoulders and sides of the tails which give him identical look. As these fox are mutated from red fox or bred with another member of same morph the resulting cub is born with silver coat. If you bred silver fox with red then result is in fiery red off spring. Mating silver fox with fiery red fox generated half silver and half red fox.



Silver fox are greatly demanded from very longer time. These fox bred due to richness and beauty of their fur. His fur is sale at high prices as there are rare and occasionally found wild areas. Silver fox fur coat are traded at higher scale. New Zealand sold fox fur to Russia and China which result the quick decline in silver fox amounts. Traders start breeding silver fox in captivity. Till that time silver fox bred in captivity. Some adventurous people bring it in home as a pet.



Fox are not good pet as it generally said wild animal not become best pet. But tame and well trained fox which kept with other dog behave like dog but actually they are not dog. They show more aggression then dog. So it’s not advisable to keep a silver fox as pet. Silver fox are morph breed behave just like red fox. They do anything to show dominance. They use different signs to communicate in certain situation such as they communicate well in the absence of food. Proof you house for silver fox just like child proof house. Spend time with fox as they totally attached with you. Tend them to play with you. Provide toys and playing ornament to keep him happy.



Bring tamed and well-behaviors silver fox in home if you are crazier for it. Otherwise it’s not a good choice to keep it as pet. Select stronger and powerful enclosure in home space. It’s better to keep cage out of the home as wild animal are not good pets. Clean and comfortable bedding, water bowl and toy to play are the general equipment which must be provided to the silver fox.



Silver fox belongs to carnivores group. They show opportunistic behaviors toward feeding. Silver fox eat anything which serves in front of them. They eat plant if there is shortage of plant otherwise meat is necessary diet. They love to prey smaller mammal and adopt mouse position while hunting.  They have natural trait to dig extra food in ground by using their front paws for future consumption.



Silver fox have soft and glossy coat which need proper grooming.  Comb their fur regularly.  Trim their nails just like dog. Give bath if you need necessary.

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