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How to Keep Wild Northern Flicker as Pet





Northern flicker is a medium sized bird. It can belong to woodpecker family. They can also having 100 plus common name of northern flicker. They can also know as yellow shafted flicker and red shafted flicker. They can native from North America.

Life span:


Their average life span is 8 to 9 years.

Physical appearance:


Northern flicker is medium sized cute bird. As their appearance they look brown color breed with black bars on their wings and back. Their neckline is also having black patch. Their upper and lower breast and belly is beige with black spots. Their tails are dark colored on top. Male northern flicker is identified with their black and red strip on the base of their beak. Their body weight is 86 to 167 gram. Their body size is also 28 to 36 cm. their wing span is 42 to 54 cm.



Northern flickers can spend their most of time in ground they fly and sit on tree. So they feel happy in open environment. You may also keep as pet but provide large natural tree featured housing for their positive behavior. They live happily and show positive behavior in tree setting.



Northern flickers mostly eat flying insect. They can also eat fruits, nuts, barriers and seeds.  They can also eat invertebrates like butterflies, moth beetles, flies and snails.  When you can get own as pet then provide their likely food.



They can like to live in trees near woodland back yard and parks. They are forested birds. When you can own as pet then provide forest like housing cage for indoor setting.



They can like to hole in tree for nesting. They lay 5 to 8 eggs in their nest both sexes incubated their egg on nest. Male can defend their nesting with their wings. They can make nest in height.

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