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Javanese “Oriental Type” Cat as Pet




Javanese cat is the domestic long haired oriental cat. It is the athletic and agile cat. She can love to play. This social and playful cat is easily to own their home as pet.  It can originate from United States of America.  These cats can belong to the oriental cat bread.

Life span:


Javanese cat average life span is 10 to 15 years.

Physical appearance:


Javanese cat is medium sized long haired cat. These cats are also having long silky coat in variety of colors. These cats can also having strong muscular body with long silky hairs. It cans also having vivid blue eyes. Javanese cats are having plume a tail. On their triangular head two erect triangular ears are fixed.  Blue and green colored eyes cat is looking pretty. Their body weight is 5 to 10 pounds.

Coat color and patterns:


Javanese cats are also having number of coat colors such as red, cream, chocolate, blue-cram, seal and lilac-cream colored. Their coat pattern is also tabby and shaded.



Javanese is the intelligent and active cat. She can creative minded cat. They are busy himself with playing puzzles and fetch games. They are friendly and love to play cats.  They can also understand human speaking. They can loyal with their owner and their family members. Javanese is also having good temperament cat which having excellent communication skills. They can also good trainer cat. When you can own as pet then easily trained this cat.


Javanese cats are long haired cat so, easily groom their body coat. Combing on their coat hairs can twice a week with stainless steel comb. Brush their teeth is also twice in a week for saving dental problems. For their body grooming cleanliness is essential.  Wipe the edge of the eyes and corner of the ear is must for their good health.

Living conditions:


Javanese cat is indoor cat. They can playful and highly intelligent cat. They can follow the instruction of their owner. They live happily with owner and their family members.



Javanese cat is basically a healthy cat but they can fell in some disease like Siamese cat. They can prey Amyloidosis disease, crossed eyes, lymphoma, congenital heart defects and many more disease. When they can fell in such disease then take away from their veterinary doctor.

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