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Irish Wolfhound Dog are Amazing Domestic Pet


Irish wolfhound nick-named as Cu Faoil is sweet tempered, gentle and thoughtful dog also known as hunting and war dogs just described in his name. These are best domestic dogs originate to Ireland. Irish wolfhound is old dog breeds known from ancient times as 7000BC. These dogs firstly used in war, guarding herds and hunting prey. These dogs are also royal favorite breed. Captain George graham who was British army officer firstly bred Irish wolfhound in mid of 19th century. AKC recognized v as per in 1897 while it first Irish wolfhound club in1885.



Irish wolfhound is war and hunting dogs yet their appearance do not match with their personality. These are good looking and cute coated dogs know as tallest breed in the worlds. These dogs are greater in size as male dog are in 32 inches height and female dog is in 30 inches with an average 105 – 155lbs weight. Irish wolfhound is larger size dog with medium length double coat. It hard and straight hair coat allow them to adjust in outdoor environment. Grey, red, black, fawn, white and brindle coated Irish wolfhound have lower shedding rate that need moderate grooming. Large muzzle, small ears, long and arched neck give it attractive look. Wide and deep chest long tails and longer legs with high energy and stronger muscular make it favorite breed among pet lover.



Irish wolfhound is kind, gentle, patient and trustful nature toward children. They are intelligent as tamed with good training. They show loyalty through their owner, mostly Irish wolfhound known as hunting and war dog but they are not watchdog. Their friendly behaviors with each person cannot match with match dog. Clumsy and slow mature Irish wolfhound are intelligent grabs everything that you pretend to teach them. Their glowing and smiley eyes attract anyone. They like leadership and follow commands that given by their owner.



Irish wolfhound is outdoor breed love to like in backyard and garden. They also live in larger home but small apartment are not good for their living. Larger fenced yard which give them plenty of space to run is suitable   for it living. Larger side pet bed or kennel choice just for sleeping and resting as they feel unhappy in kennel. They love family and live with owner family.



Irish wolfhound is slow mature breed yet they quickly grow up with high quality food. Provide them large amount of dry or natural food   during their growth period.



Irish wolfhound dogs have medium and rough coat that need regular grooming to keep their coat in good condition. Plunk their oat twice in a year best in shedding time to remove dead hair and oil skins.

Exercise ]

Irish wolfhounds are larger size dogs need extra exercise then other breeds so provide them lot of space to run as its perfect exercise. Avoid to give them vigorous exercise that not for them. Daily walk is also god for them, just need some leading




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