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Are You Interested In Keeping Pygmy Goats As Pet?

Pygmy goats are cute and delightful domestic goat breed. It’s also a milk goat and amazing pets smaller in size. Female pygmy goats are called as does while male named as bucks. Pygmy goats are ideal pet. They enjoy human company and rapidly response which prove that they are social and intelligent animals. Life stocking of pygmy goats need careful attention. You have o get basic information about this breed, their licensing and caring.


Pygmy goats are originated in valley of West Africa names as Cameroon. Quickly it becomes popular home pet after it imported in US from zoos of England in 1950.


Pygmy goats are short length breed weighted between 55-75 pounds with height of 40 to 58cm. These goats have short head and legs in relation to body length that give cobby look. Caramel, agouti, black patterned coated pygmy goats look appealing. Caramel with black or brown, brown agouti, black agouti, grey agouti and white marking on black are different coat patterns that grabs attentions.


Pygmy goats are friendly, gentle, intelligent, active, good natures personality that make it favorite pet popular among kids and adults. These are good indoor pet so it best pet for you. Pygmy goats are active spend mot of time in plying like jumping. Running and climbing.


Pygmy goats best live in temperate climate need no shades yet provide shelter in cold and winter conditions. They do not need too much space but give suitable place with hay and benches that allow them comfortable place for sleeping and playing. Lighten rooms with electric light but be careful they light rare out f of reach of goats. Pygmy goats love climbing so set highly benches of kid’s picnic tables and old tire to create hilling space for your pet goat.


It’s necessary to feed you pygmy goats twice a day with proper diets. These are grazing animals love to graze so allow them to graze. Grasses, brush, forbs, fruits and green vegetables are favorite food of pygmy goats. Provide clean water   that enough of their drinking for entire day.


Pygmy goats are indoor goat so take care of their regular grooming. Brush coat of pygmy goats with soft combs to remove dirt and falling hairs. If you see any type o parasites o it body then bath them with good quality shampoo and   tale Luke warm water for bathing goat.

Hoof trimming

Pygmy goats hoof rapidly grow that’s why need proper trimming after 6 to 8 weeks. It just like cutting finger nails yet hoof are thicker then nails.

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