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Intelligent Yet Reserved Russian Blue Cat as Pet


Russian blue are genteel and playful pet also named as archangel blues. It was first cat that belongs to Russian family. These cats are very closed to human yet   found vanished, when s stranger comes in home. Russian blue bring by a sailor from Archangels Isles to northern Europe and England in 1860 that why they called archangel blues. Archangel blues comes in Russia and Scandinavia after the end of World War II while in US it seem prior to World War II. These cats officially   recognized in 1875.



Archangel blues cats are eye-pleasing cats due to their distinctive oat coat color. These cats have light shimmery to steal grey color as it color is Russian hallmark breed for a hundred year. Green eyes, mauve or lavender paws give it appealing look. Strong muscular body, long legs and oval shapes paws and tapering long tails give graceful look. Short and thick coat also its featured that make it more beautiful with aristocratic expression. Bond yourself with archangel blues cat to create a good relation.



Basically Russian blue cats have shy and reserved personality show cautiousness attitude toward strangers. These cats also have loving and affectionate natures that why become favorite pet among kids and adults. They live nicely with their owner and who whom she interested. It does anything to get attention if you ignored them. You have to spend time and keep balance between Russian cat and your family members otherwise it may break relation. Archangel blues are intelligent talk to their owner in quite voices and found active. They spend more of their time in playing whit toys and chasing a sunbeam. Russian cats do not like environmental change.



Archangel blues are gentle and clean natures best as indoor pets so you can place it pet house anywhere in home. Clean out it home once in week change bedding and keep toys in it to play with them.

Health and Care


Archangel blues cat have dense coat color that need to be groomed twice in a week. Combed hair with brush to remove dead hairs and skin oil. Daily teeth brush able it to keep away from periodontal disease. If you have not time for daily brushing then do it once in a week then nothing. Trim nails and give bath when   cad shedding that hairs. It mixed breed cats face health issues that genetic in nature. These cat have strong body and generally found health, however, visit to a physician for health examine as it takes no time to become stout from sleek.



Russian cat hate changes in their environment, food, owners as these cats are predicable nature. These cats are food a timetable as if you forget to serve meal and busy in other work it can’t let you do it until you give them their meal. These cats are keen of eating finished their meal in seconds and asked you for second plate.



Russian cats are organized natures and loyal with their owner. These cats also independent cats   require less efforts for grooming and cleaning. Just need to familiar with litter box and also careful that it also in clean condition. You can train him to use toilet if you do not like litter box.


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