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Intelligent Crossbreed Tonkinese Cat as Pet


Tonkinese cat commonly nicknamed as Tonk is hybrid breed produced by crossing Siamese and Burmese as they share their parents. Tonkinese cat have playful and distinctive personality that increase popularity as pet. Tonkinese cat crossbreed of south-east Asia cat lave lovely nature. First Tonkinese cat crossbreed in 1950 and in 1967 The Canadian Cat Association began registration of Tonkinese cat while The Fancier Cat Association granted reorganization in 1984 after 2o years.



Tonkinese cat are medium size   cat breed have strong body and muscular power. It soft and mink like fur   found in different coat colors. Tonkinese cat come in twelve color patterns. Natural point, champagne points, blue, platinum point patterned cats in grey, chocolate, brown, slate and solid golden shade look beautiful and more attractive. Blue, violet, aqua and yellow green eyes are also visible feature that attracts pet lovers. These cats mostly founded in good healthy with a weight of 6 to 12 pounds.



Tonkinese cat have friendly, affectionate, and loving cats as it can easily adjusted with family especially with kids. It intelligent and independent cat need more attention and affection from their owner. It never let you in rest until you spend some time with them. Tonkinese cat followed you sit on you laps, round on your shoulder and enjoy company of peoples who come in home. This cat can’t live alone as they need company. Tonkinese cat are social affectionate with cat and dogs and involved in family activities. Tonkinese cat are active and intelligent play with toys, love to jump from high places and take full interest in puzzling toys.



Tonkinese cat are indoor family pets have timed personality as it best home pet. You may bring any pet house in medium side just like a dog houses and places in corner where it looks every family member.

Heath and Care


Tonkinese cat have soft coat that easily clean with brushing. Just comb its coat once in a week to remove dead hairs and disturbing skin oils or bath if you feel necessary. Brush it teeth regularly check ears, trimmed nails , clean eyes and clean litter box daily to keep away from health issues as these cats incidences health problems. These cats are active and generally have good health yet these cats are quite sensitive to anesthesia and amyloidosis, asthma, cross eyes, hyperesthesia syndrome, lymphoma and other diseases generated from it crossbreeding parents.


Tonkinese cat are good feeder need proper food thrice in a time more says to serve five foods yet three times is best. They love to eat raw rabbit, commercial food, and high quality food supplement. Avoid giving them low quality food supplement. They like variety in food in each time as it seem that they leave some food in plates so teamed them to eat it later.

Is Tonkinese cat good or not


Tonkinese cat are good pet as they and teamed and independent pets have affectionate and loving nature. They   behave friendly with friend so bring them home.



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