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Innocent Camel as Pet Animal

Camels are mammals with their long tail, a hump back and a big-lipped snout. They look too large due to their long shape body, wooly fur and brown shade skin color. In science language about camels say ship of desert, because they often founded in those areas. Camels are so pretty and innocent pet animal. Round about 35oo years camels were domesticated and used for transportation.


•    Dromedary camels

•    Bactrian camels

Body features:

A camel has two big eyes covered with curly eyelashes. Their thick eyelids protect them from dark sunrays in desert. Bacterian camels have two hums on their back and other has one. Hump is filled with large lump that give them enough energy in food shortage situation.

Body weight:

Camel body weight is 250 to 680 kilograms. Rope like tail of camel is round about 50 centimeters long.


No matter what a camel eats they eat every thing that allows their thick lips to them. They mostly like to eat thorny plants. Due to their herbivores features people like to eat their meat.  According to search their hums can store 1.q13 grams water and 9.3 grams energy release. Most interesting and wonderful fact about camels is that they can live without food and water round about six month.


After period of 12 to 14 month pregnancy a mother camel give one baby but sometime have twins. Within 30 minutes baby camels can walk easily. When baby camel fall in 7 year age they become properly mature.


Camel likes to live in group form that called herds. They are very social and pet animal.

Living space:

Camel as pet animal must require wide space for moving, sleeping, lie down, and be happy. In rainy and fear weather condition you can turn them under shelter.

Care and health of camel:

You must provide clean and best space to your pet camel. Comb their fur weekly. Cut their nail because when they enough long create problem in their walking. For stay healthy your camel you must checkup their veterinary at least one time in a year.

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