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Hypoallergenic Irish Water Spaniel

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As the word water used in dog name mean more like water. The dog is registered in American kennel club. Water spaniel is loyal and friendly dog that enjoy training. Get more information about Irish water spaniel from below!


The Irish water spaniel is come back from at least 1000 years. This dog believes in Irish folklore to be ancestor of the dobhar. The other breed of Irish water spaniel is knot know. All manner of Irish water spaniel dog include barbet, poodle, northern and southern water spaniel but Irish water spaniel are from descendants. The modern breed of IWS was developed in 1830.

Other Name:

    Whiptail
    IWS
    Shannon spaniel
    Bog dog
    Rat tail spaniel

Life Span:

The Irish water spaniel dog can enjoy life at least 9.33 years.


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Irish water spaniel is muscular and fit dog belong to Ireland. The dog coat packed in curly hair that very little sheds. Due to non-shedding characteristic of dog people remain save from allergic problem that access with other type of dog.

The topknot loose curls often cover the eyes, and curly facial hair start back to throat. Water spaniel dog discriminate feature of Irish water spaniel is “rat tail” covered with long and 2 to 3 inches curly coat. The smooth face coat not need trimming.

Your IWS has strong, powerful picture not leggy dog. Dog is also so talented, ambitious. Irish water spaniel dog height is (56 -61 cm) and weight (55-56 pounds).


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Like other American kennel club the Irish water spaniel is smartly, eager, and friendly. IWS dog has deep sense of doing different activities so you can easily train it. Dog can quickly achieve its goals that you have order it.  You can trust on Irish water spaniel to get other pet with it. Before buying other pet you should first train Irish water spaniel to become socialize.


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The Irish water spaniel are hunting dog grow with excellent stamina. These dogs need lots of exercise like long walk, run. Before going on exercise learn your dog lead you on the way beside walk front of you. IWS also want to enjoy swimming.

Health Problem:

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The IWS prone to general health problem include ear and eye-lash infection, hypothyroidism and hip dysplasia.


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The curly coat of dog will need trimming on regular base and combed at least once time in a week. Dog is good because these are less suffering in allergy and little shed.

Living Condition:

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Your Irish water spaniel dog is not best in over-size yard because it need daily exercise and love outdoor.

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