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Hunting “Harrier” as Friendly Pet

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Harrier dog is friendly dog bread. Their origin place is not clear. They can exist in America in colonial time. In 1885 this dog bread is recognized by American kennel Club (AKC). Harrier is popular in gangland and rare seen in USA. This dog bred is hunting instinct is very popular and their primarily hunt is hare.

Other name:

Hare hound


United Kingdom (UK)

Life span:

Their average life span is 10 to 12 years.

Physical appearance:

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Short haired Harrier dog bread is large in size. This dog is look like English foxhound but smaller in size. They can have bold head or forehead with low set ears that can hang down the cheeks. This dog is having medium size wide eyes in brown or hazel in color.  Their nose is black with open nostril.   Harrier can have cat-like round feet with their long legs.  Their tail is set at high back. As a whole pretty dog bread is like to keep as pet.


Their average height is 48 to 50 cm.


Harrier maximum weight is 40 to 60 pound.

Coat color:

Harrier dog bread is having lemon and white, red and white, white and tan coat color.


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Harrier dog is friendly dog bread. This dog bread is also reserved with any stranger. They are attention seeker dog and not like loneness. When they are alone then bark and bay. They are very playful dog and happy with kids another dogs of their owner. They can also having hunting, tracking, trailing and sniffing instinct.


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Harrier dog can require on daily brisk walk with human leader.  They are god jogging companion of their owner. When you can keep as pet then take care about their exercise or long daily walk.


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Harrier is having short hair coat so, they can easily groom. Brush and comb are used to remove their dead hair. You can also trim their extra hair and nails after some time.  Harrier dog bread is average shedder.

Living condition:

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Harrier is not good for apartment life. Indoor setting this dog is active and difficult to tackle in indoor setting. If you are active owner then plan to tackle in systematic way. You may keep in your mind their hunting and tracking instinct and handled it.  They can live in outdoor setting in cold climate if you can provide warm bedding and shelter.

Litter size:

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Harrier average litter is 2 to4 puppies in one litter.

Health and care:

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Harrier is basically healthy dog but they can fell in some diseases such as canine hip dysplasia (CHD) and epilepsy. When they can feel in such disease then must take care and take out their veterinary doctor.

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