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Home-Loving Ragdoll Ideal Breed for Pet Lovers


Ragdoll is delightful and lovely cat have blue eyes which gain attention of pet lover. These home-loving domestic breed are also known as fancy cat. It most demanding pet due to it affectionate behaviors and attractive personality. Ragdoll cat are firstly developed in 1960s in California City by Ann baker. Ragdoll cat have docile and placid behaviors that why it best for kids, and adults. These cats registered by the cat fanciers association as their start in 1993 and gain success in 200 when it full recognized among American cat fancier Association and the international cat association.



Soft and silk long hair coated Ragdoll cat are larger in size and have strong muscular. It assumes larger domestic pet cats have larger body frame, balanced legs. Adult ragdoll cats are weighted in 8 to 20 pounds or more. Plush coat ragdoll cats are in four patterns as pointed, mitted, higher bicolor mitted, bicolor and lynx.



Ragdoll are gentle, friendly, affection, congenial, sweet and lovely cats. These cats have all qualities which you want to look in your pet. These cats are having prettiest look and incredible personality as it pretend you to love him more. Ragdoll are true indoor cats founds on your bed, couches and even kitchens as they have clean nature. Ragdoll cat are playful. Intelligent active and friendly pet as it live with other pets. It have soft coat that you enjoy it company. It sits on your slaps and sleep in your bed. Ragdoll love dogs company instead of cats. These cats follow their owner, coddled and wait outside font their owner. Ragdoll cat have sweets vocal as they bring amazing sound of chirrups, trills, notes and calls that noticeably awesome. These cats limps with someone try to pic it up as they have mellow nature feel happy when flop down on floor. You can play anytime regardless of what the time daytime or night time.

Coat color


Beside the coat patterns ragdoll coat colors are in seal, red, cream, chocolate, lilac, tabby and blue.

Life span

Ragdoll live about 10 to 15 years in captivity.



Ragdoll cat need proper grooming as they shad and matte hairs. Just brushed it coat many time in a week to preventing matting.  We see less ratio of shedding hairs yet it needs grooming. Remove dead hairs with comb. Used steel brush and come full body especially inner leg areas. When they give string look they have to need a bath that may within few weeks of after a month. Brush teeth regularly to prevent the generation of germs that causes of periodontal diseases. They have to need little box for bathroom hygiene.



Health researched fine lowest survival rate in ragdoll cat mostly died due to urinary problems. Kidney and heart issues are also found in these cats.



You can choose any cat house easily available in market. Or crafted diy cat house for you loving pets as they are appealing animal get attraction keep anywhere in home. These are indoor cats not suitable for outdoor. Protect them from predators.




Ragdoll are carnivores love to eat meals and chicken. Provide good quality food in balanced amount. Increase amount during the maternity period as they need more food.  Commercial food, eggs, fish and supplement also best food if provide them in verity.



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