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Highly Socialized- Ocicat as Pet


Satiny and smooth coated Ocicat is domesticated cat that have great resemblance with wild cat but do not wild personality. These are affectionate, loving and gentle cats breeding from Siamese and Abyssinian cat. Ocicat are loyal, friendly and bounded cats become great companion.



Vriginia Daly who is Michigan breeder are interested to breed new and unusual cat  breed Siamese  with Abyssinian cat in 1964, seal point Siamese who is female and  ruddy Abyssinian male   having subsequent  kittens  fully resembles with Abyssinia  but also carry gene pattern from Siamese cat.  After that another experiment did with ivory male and golden spotted female named tongs. New brown kitten look like Tonga.  It’s time to lunched Ocicat as registered cat the cat fancier association registered Ocicat in 19966.  In 1980 Ocicat was registered by major cared registering associations. Now is well established and famous pet cat in united state.

Life Expectancy:

Ocicat is healthier and active cat that they these cats have live more than 18 years with proper care.



Ocicat is adorable and playful cat that attracts pet lover due to its pretties look.  Ocicat is medium side cat having smooth and lustrous coat is verity of patterns and color, generally ocicats are in 12 permissible colors such as chocolate, tawny, cinnamon, blue, lavender, fawn, black silver, fawn silver, lavender silver, chocolate silver, blue silver and cinnamon silver. Ocicat is medium to larger body with stronger muscular body structure; almond shapes eyes on wedge shape head.  It has distinctive facial features that look nice.



Ocicat have amazing personality. Its calming, friendly and devoted cats socialized with everyone even strangers. It also good cat for kid do not show aggressive nature like wild cat.  It’s closely bounded with other pet cats and need high interaction for their owner. Its high socialized cat does not live alone for long time.  It shows passive nature toward it toys and playing ornaments. Ocicat also intelligent cat easily learn tricks and games.

Living Condition:

Ocicat is lively cat easily adjust in new environment. Its indoor cat move room to room chasing you to get attentions.  Provide clean and comfortable bedding, playing areas and toys. It’s socialized with other pet but stay away predators from it.



Ocicat is short color cat that why there is low shedding rate than long hair cats. It does not need excessive grooming. Ocicat fastidiously clean their coat.  Comb it coat with brush just ones in a week or wipe it coat with wet cloth. It feels happy if you pay attention on its grooming. Regular teeth brushing and nail trimming is also good for you loving pet cat. Ocicat loves water so let it to take bath, jump and run in water.



Ocicat are generally healthier and active cat, no health problem suspected particularly yet they need regular vaccination and worming program to maintain it health. Take it to related vet for detailed examine if you need necessary during the year but annual visit is must.


Ocicat is physically active cat having stronger muscular body and high energy level. No special exercise required other the playing, running and jumping.  Long sleeping duration is also good to keep it active. Ocicat is playful and lively cat live happy with other pet and spend good playing time with them. Provide toys, perches and jumping equipment that keep its active.




Ocicat is active and energetic cat required balanced nutrition as per it body weight approximately 80 kcals per Kg. these cat have overly eating habits that it stock.  Chicken, fish, beef, mice and other small animals are its favorite food. High quality dry food is also good for it. Provide clean water and other thing that necessary for its nutritional growth.

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