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Highly-Intelligent Burmese Cat as Pet


Burmese cat is highly intelligent, friendly, affectionate and good-looking cat kindly devoted and loyal to her owner. It has flawless qualities that make it good pet. Burmese cat is lively cat become popular family pet due to its non-allergic and low grooming featuring. Burmese cat have short and smooth coat that also look nice. Burmese is lap cat and also have deep rumbling voice.



Burmese cat is domestic cat developed from a cat named Wong Mau and American Siamese. In 1930 Wong Mau brought from Burma and bred with American Siamese in result Burmese cat developed. Wong Mau kittens are appeared in Siamese hybrid, Burmese, and pure Siamese. Burmese cat is originated from Burma and Thailand. It also originates in Southeast Asia and united state. Firstly Burmese cat are not popularized as Siamese in England and Europe.   Later it captures attention of pet owner and cat association. The cat fancier association registered Burmese cat in 1930 but 1947 they canceled registration because these cat sill used Siamese cat for breeding. The cat fancier associations resume the registration process in 1953. Now in these days Burmese cats in friendly and lovely pet among cat lovers.

Life Span:


Average life expectancy of Burmese cat is 16-18 year.



Burmese is medium size catting with a weight of 12lbs. male Burmese are larger the female Burmese. Gold and yellow colored round eyes on round head look beautiful. Burmese also calls as rounded cat because it has round ear, feet, paw and chin. Burmese has short, silky and shinny coat with darker shading on points on kitten body but as they grow up shading vanished with time.   Burmese is found in fawn, red, cream, cinnamon, chocolate, champagne, blue and sable color with solid color or tortoise shell patterns.



Burmese cat is socialized, gentle, friendly and intelligent cat. Burmese cat has soft and sweet voices that it used for conversation just like its ancestor cat Siamese. These cats feel happier in human companionship. It loves family and closely attached with owner. It does not like to like alone in home. Burmese cat is playful and lively cat also good jumper and climber. Burmese curious cat easily adjust with changes. It needs company of another pet. Burmese is social cat with other cat and dogs but feels more comfortable with Burmese cat. These cats spend more of their time in window   and seem to explore outside world. It loves to see sky for long time.

Living Condition:


Burmese are active cat easily adjust in urban life especially apartment living. Its need trees and perches to jump and climb. These ct are intelligent cat quickly learn household and litter box usage. They required daily playtime and toys to play that keep its placed and   joyful. Petting session is also necessary for Burmese. Clean and soft bedding, clean water and regular grooming keep it healthy.



Burmese have short and smooth coat with lowest shedding rate. Do not worry about its grooming. Just regular hand stock is enough of it. Weekly comb its coat with brush to remove dead hairs and dust.

Health And Care:


Burmese is developed cat have face incidences health issues that may transferred genetically. Generally Burmese is active and healthy cat, yet sometime it prone to minor or major issues such as gingivitis, Lipemia, craniofacial abnormality, and cognitive peripheral vestibular diseases seem in cats.



Burmese is stocky and sturdy cat quickly gain weight so its need enough exercise to burn calories. Regular petting session and extra play time is good to maintain it weight and also better to keep it active.



Be careful while giving feeding your Burmese cat because it stocky cat stock fat that   become greater reason of it fatness, keenly observe it and play attention on its diet and nutrition.   Low down quantity of food if you find it gaining weight

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