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Hermit Crabs Extremely Rare -Amazing Pet for Kids


Hermit crabs are paguroidea subfamily member belong to animalia kingdom have more than 1100 species. Hermit crabs are cute and adorable pets that extremely rare. Hermit crabs are lovely and ideas kids pet yet they need highly maintenance cost and caring. Hermit crabs are native to Caribbean. All Hermit crabs born in ocean (salt water) from which land dwelling Hermit crabs leave sea and come on land when they become adult.



Hermit crabs are good looking pets concealed in empty shells that known as gastropod shells that carried around on their abdomen. Hermit crabs have drawn-out eyes, striped patterns on side of head, purple claws and brown head. They are quite active breed used reddish brown legs to more forwarks, backward and sideways quickly as it can. Hermit crabs are in more than thousand species t that also varies in colors. Most Hermit crabs found in yellow, grey, tan, orange and brown colors. These pets need both fresh and salted water bowls in their habitat. These crabs are six inches in length change their shells and molt several tine throughout his entire life.



Hermit crabs approximately live about 10 or more year if keep in good captivity yet in natural habitat they live about 30 years.



Non-aggressive, Social and affectionate Hermit crabs are amazing pets as you feel fun and enjoy good time with them. Its best pet for kids that learn them about how take care of a living creature that is more sensitive and rare. It’s legal to keep Hermit crabs as pet. Hermit crabs need lot of friends and can live alone in captivity.



Hermit crabs need airy and clean crepitate where they spend most of their time. Basically medium or larger size glass aquarium is best for them according to number. Plastic container is also suitable for them. Be careful while purchasing a tank as it has tight encliused what can give a way to run. Hermit crabs required right humidity levels as the temperature is round about 705to 85 degree F while lower temperature may causes suffocation that slowly kills your pet. Fill tanks bottoms with sand, or damp mosses to provide safe environment. Decorate Hermit crabs tank with wild plants, rocks and other climbing equipments as they love climbing. They also need a place where they hide to feel secure. Broken pots, large shells and small houses are perfect for hiding. Place two water bowls as one filled with fresh water and other   with salt water to balance their salinity level.



Generally six Hermit crabs species available as pets in which purple pincher is most suitable as pet as it easy to handle ten other. Hermit crabs take little time to adjust with their owner so be patient while handling your loving pet. Stay him tank as it familiar with his habitat and change water and food without disturbing it as if you disturbed it may dies. Hermit crabs digs under substrata for long time even take weeks, it time to extra shells, so do be worried. Hermit crabs shed its shell like a snake and eat their exoskeleton to harden his new exoskeleton.



Hermit crabs are omnivores eat plant and eats in enough amounts as they preserve some food used during molding season. They love varies and feel bore if you give them same food in a row. Avoid to give them commercial food that not for them. Clean out all vegetables and fruits with de-chlorinated water. You can dry kid food to your crab. They need calcium, there, fore, keep cuttlebones in tank.

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