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Hairy Coat Long Body Shih Tzu as Pet

Shih Tzu breed of dog name meaning are “little lion”. The Shih Tzu is a pet lover not hunter. Happy housedog nothing likes to follow his owner room to room. Toy dog of breed has 10 to 12 pounds body weight with long silky hair. This breed of dog come from china but exact origins is unknown. Shih Tzu barks on newcomer in the house.


Well for apartment living

Tolerate the cold and hot weather

Friendly dog

Easy to groom

General health


Easy to train

Need exercise

High energy level


Best for novice owner

Vital Stats:

Life span: 10 to 16 years

Body weight: 10 to 12

Height: 9 to 10 inches tall from shoulder



Shih Tzu has large dark eyes and soft long double coat. Drop ear of Shih Tzu are covered with long fur. Tail is in heavy furred curved curly back shape. These dogs are slightly longer and bigger dog their hair fast growing.

Coat Color:


The Shih Tzu comes in to many ranges of coat colors. Commonly shade includes gold, black, white, and brown. Other color include black and white, solid black, black mask gold, red and white, grey and white, brindle, white. Sometime you will see dark brown pigments fall down near the shoulder and between the armpits.



Shih Tzu is with prone Number of health problems that are listed below,

Intervertebral disk disease: is common in dog in which they bear back pain, loose ability to feel deep, loss of coordination.

Breathing problem: Shih Tzu are face respiratory problem that related to their face shape, head and short nose.

Eyes problem: check on regularly bases your pet Shih Tzu dog eyes. Some get the allergies around the eyes.

Hypothyroidism: this problem occur when the thyroid gland stop producing a hormone for proper metabolism. It usually faces Shih Tzu in middle age. You can diagnose this problem in dog through the blood test.



The Shih Tzu as pet or apartment living dog doesn’t like to go outside. These dogs enjoy play in backyard with short walk. These are not active dog can take sleep in your lap. Wonderfully Shih Tzu plays with its toys and run to the room for visit. In hot days dog should remain in air-conditioner room. You cannot see usually Shih Tzu to take jump from bed or chair. Keep with lots of care and try don’t take jump from your shoulder and other furniture.



Provide ½ cup dry fruit of high quality to Shih Tzu dog on each day. How much dog like to eat depend on his size and age. Like people Shih Tzu pet don’t like to eat same food every day. Buy the right food for your pet dog.



Make daily brushing and coming on dog hair that necessary with their furry coat. When take brush on dog hair confirm go at the end of lower layer. When puppy is get 10 to 12 month age coat color change fluff to silky. Trimming the nail of pet dog on monthly bases and checks their ear. Dog become dirty after eating and playing. Hair grown inside the air canal and create problem so cut the enough long hair. Take care of their teeth and give more attention.

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