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Gordon setter As “Loyal “Pet




Gordon setter is loyal dog bread. They can also know as watchdog. This dog bread is family and companion dog so people keep as pet as their nature. It is originate from Britain Scotland in 1600s.  They can also belong to gundog setter and pointer dog family. Gordon setter dog bread is larger three setter breads. Gordon setter bread is uncommon. This dog bread is recognized in 1884 in American kennel club.

Life expectancy:

Their life span is maximum 10 to 12 year.

Physical description:


Gordon setter is large size dog bread. Their head is deep and as long as the skull. Their nose is broad shaped and in black colored. They can also having oval shaped eyes that is in brown colored.  This dog bread ears are long that can set as low. Their tail is short that cannot reached at the hocks. They can also having shinny wavy or straight coat. Their full body is covered with long hairs and tan marking.

Coat color:

Gordon setters are in black colored with tan marking. Their tan marking is also on chestnut and mahogany coat colors.


Gordon setter male height is 24 to 27 inches and their female height is also 23 to 26 inches.


Gordon setter male weight is 55 to 80 pound and their female weights is 45 to 70 pound.



Gordon setter is loyal dog bread as nature. This dog is attentive and active dog so it can known as watch dog. This dog bread is not fallen aggression toward human beings. They keep cool their behavior when they can live with human beings. They can show aggressive behavior towards other dogs. They can also play with their owner kids. Gordon setter can calm ad quite in indoor setting. They can also more intelligent dog so they can also have training ability. Gordon setter is also sweet tempered and polite nature dog. People keep as pet as their affectionate nature.



Gordon setter dog bread needs to daily long brisk walk for relive their restless condition. This large size dog is difficult to handle so take care and leads this dog when you can take away for daily walk.  They can also enjoy in open areas and running freely.



When you can keep your Gordon setter is in excellent condition then daily brushing on their soft coat. Trim their hair on the base of their feet on regular basis. When they can needed the bath with dry shampoo. You may also trim their nails also on regularly. This dog bread is an average shedder.

Living conditions:


Gordon setter is live I best outdoor setting. They can inactive in indoor setting. When you can provide outdoor activities then they can live happily and run feely so you must have a fence around your yard area for your dog safety.

Litter size:


Gordon setter approximately litter size is 6 to 8 puppies.

Health problems:


Gordon setter generally a healthy dog but they can prone to some diseases such as hip dysplasia and eye disease like cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy. When your Gordon setter fell in these diseases then quickly take away from veterinary doctor and treat well. Beside you must take your puppy veterinary doctor for annual checkup.

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