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Goldador Dog Hybrid Breeds as Pet

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Goldador dog is hybrid breed develop by cross breeding two purebreds for sensibility and tolerance purposes. They are intelligent, active, affectionate, loyal, loving and friendly dog best for working, guarding and rescue activities. They are excellent family dog behave politely with children, dog and other pets.


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The ideas of crossbreeding two dominant purebreds develop in mind when their strong need generated to have sensible working dog.  Great desire of having a dog with golden retriever sensibility and Labrador tolerance works behind this amazing crossbred.

In a result dog breed developed have easy going nature with incredible level of inelegance. They are working, guard, rescue, search and even therapy dog.  They also assume best dog for bomb detections. They are excellent family dog as well.

With all these amazing characteristic it bad luck that Goldador retriever still not recognized by American kennel Club. At this time Goldador retriever accepted by American Canine Hybrid club, designer dogs kennel club, designer breed registry and international designer canine registry

Other Name:

•    Gilder retriever lab mix
•    Goldador retriever
•    Golden lab
•    Golden Labrador retriever

Life Span:

Average life expectancy of dog is about 10-15 years

Physical Appearance:

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Goldador retriever are hybrid breed have double coat. Undercoat is soft while outer coat is in dense form with short hair. Short hair coat in golden, yellow, cream, liver, chocolate, red and black coloring depend on their parents appearance.

Sometime they look like golden retriever and sometime their appearance meets with Labrador retriever.  Medium side dog breed reached to 22-24 inches in height with 60-80 pound weight at adult age.

Stronger and powerful body frame, well proportionate head, wide muzzle, black nose intelligent eyes with extreme expression are statement characteristic of golden lab.


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Goldador retriever picked work sensitivity from golden retriever while they adopt tolerance from Labrador dog which make him best retriever among all. Goldador lab develops by crossing two purebred golden retriever and Labrador retriever.

You clearly feel that you have two dogs instead of one. They are cheerful, active and obedient dog show affectionate, loving and caring attitude toward their owner, family and even with children. They stay well with other dog and pet.

They have incredible stamina and patient   that way they are too loving and polite with children. Goldador retrieve are social enjoy human companionship. All hybrid Goldador retrievers do not have same temperament. They show different attitudes so it good to recognize well what you like or dislike. Intelligence and loyalty are visible characteristic of golden lab dog.

Living Condition:

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Goldador retriever are hybrid breed easily adjust in all environment if you provide all basics when they need to stay well. Healthy food, Proper living, plenty of exercise, grooming and even extra care keep them happier and active.


Proper care and balance diet keep your Goldador healthy for longer time. As we already explain that Goldador is mix breed for golden retriever and Labrador retriever carry few heredity health issues such hip dysplasia. Elbow dysplasia, Cataracts, diabetes and progressive retinal atrophy.


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You are lucky if have Goldador as pet because they are average shedder. Their double coat contain short and dense outer coat while under coat is quite soft then outer coat. Goldador grouped as low maintenance dog breed.  They also need less grooming, just brush coat twice in a weeks with stronger brush. Give bath if feel necessary.  Extra care requires about their eyes and ears cleaning, remove wax from ear regulatory to prevent ear infections.


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Goldador retriever is active, playful and highly energetic dog breed packed with parents characteristic.  They have amazing stamina. Their body structure is good than other retrievers.  Plenty of exercises, including brisk walk, running, jumping and swimming, and extra play time enough to keep him active and fit. Obesity problems developed due to lake of exercise and other activities. Packed and firm lead is necessary during walk either on feet or bicycle.


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Training is essential part of Goldador life. Intelligent, obedience and active Goldador quickly learn things. They are easy to train. They personality packed with golden retriever and Labrador retriever dogs,  energetic, packed and positive training let them quickly learn everything that you want to teach them. Avoid negative training theory.  Confident, firm and affection is better to cover any behavioral disorder. Pay special attention if you feel any behavioral problem.
Goldador designer dog information (5)

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