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Glossy Black Bombay Cat as Pet


Black Bombay cat is calming, gentle and lively cat known as developed cat. Burmese and black American short hair cat are its sable firstly developed by Nikki Horne. In 1958 developed a cat that has Burmese features in appearance but their coat is deep, glossy and   black like leather black. It looks like Indian black leopard. Cat fanciers’ association officially recognized Bombay cat in 1970 while the international cat association accepted it in 1979. Bombay cat is cross breeding cat of Burmese and black American cat have sleek, shiny and tight black coat that attracts pet lovers. In Asian countries it named as black cat.

Live Expectancy:

 Bombay cat lice span is 9-13 years in captivity.



Bombay cat have deep, glossy and thick black coat cat. Everything in black with copper and gold eyes that looks attractive. Close lying black coat glow and shine. Bombay cats medium size cat have compact and muscular body. These cats are stocky cats with average 12lb weight or more. It’s impressively overly rounded such as round head, tips, ears, chic and eyes are round. Short hair glossy coat with deep luster looks like patent leather.



Bombay cat are lively, active, affectionate and curious personality. They love to interact with human because they are highly socialized. They enjoy to looking outside to explore new world. Window is it favorite   corner where it mostly fine to look outside. These cats are also suitable for kid and other pets. Bombay cat is good climber and jumper easily reaches shelves and cabinets. They are dependant cat yet older Bombay cat. They are highly attached with family member do not like to live alone for long period. They are cute and loving cat get attention by walking around you. If you pay   extra attention and spend more time them Bombay cat is best option of you. It an intelligent, playful and extremely gorgeous cats seeks attentions.



Nikki Horne is gentle, affectionate cat and amazing personality. It is good jumper and extraordinary climber. It has sold and stronger body love to climber and live on trees and perches. Bombay cats also known as stocky cats so you have to careful about their feeding and nutrition and exercise. They also enjoy playtime so allow its play area and toy to keep it active. In these days amazing cat steps and shelf’s introduces in market that is pet option of playing that also beneficial fir climbing and jumping needs.




Bombay cat is basically short and thick hair coat that why these cats have low level of grooming just brush and comb its coat twice of thrice in a week or clean body with wet cloth because these cat and non-allergies and low shedding cat breed. Regular tooth cleaning is good for its health.



Bombay cat have compact and stringer body but these cat gain weight so they need proper exercise. Daily walk and extra play time its best option to maintain their weight along with nutrition diet.

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