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‘’Furry’’ Ragamuffin as Companion Pet Cat




Ragamuffin cat is the long bodied domestic cat. These cats are center of attention with their prominent characteristic such as rabbit like fur and their friendly behavior. People keep as pet on the basis of their docile nature. This highly intelligent cat is affectionate with owner and their family members. This soft coated furry cat is looking beautiful and can attract the other to keep as pet.

Life span:


Ragamuffin cat approximately life span is 12 to 16 years.

Physical appearance:


Ragamuffin is the large sized cute furry cat. It can also know as furry cat. They can have medium sized head but large furry hairs are appears in their face. Their ears are also medium sized with triangular shaped. Their eyes are in blue colored with oval shaped. They can also having rectangular broad chested along with broad shoulder cat. Ragamuffin cat is strong muscular long legged cat. Their approximately weight is 12 ibs.

Coat color:


Ragamuffin cat is having number of coat colors with solid patterns. Their body coat color is white, black, blue, cream, brown, platinum, red, silver and many more.

Personality traits:


Ragamuffin is the friendly companion cat. These cats are lovely with their owner and their family members. They can like sitting on their owner arms. This cat is ideal companion cat. They are playful and good trainer cat. They can play with toys and happily live with their owner.



Ragamuffin cat is playful cat. They are like to daily walk on a leash. They can also learn more tricks order of their owner. Walking and playing is the best exercise of their strong muscular body.



Ragamuffin cat is having long furry coat so they need for grooming. Weekly brushing can make beautiful and remove their dead hairs in their skin. Brush their teeth to save dental problem. Wipe their eye and ears with cotton buds. Trim their nails regularly because they are pet and dangerous for their owner. Completely grooming is best for their good health.

Living conditions:


Ragamuffin cats are indoor cats. They live with their owner and like indoor bedding with their owner.



Ragamuffin cats are basically healthy cats but they can fell in some genetic problems. These cats are long and healthy but take care not to fat.

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