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Fundamental Tackling Tricks for Your Pet Dog Teaching


When you can get dog as pet then must take care about their pet dog.  Their teaching is more essential for tackling their pet dog. When you can start obedient training for your dogs then some tricks are more essential for you and your dog teaching. For training must have command on your dog and follow their instructions. In this way your dog learns quickly according to your instructions.

Some Fundamental Tricks:

Here are some fundamental and essential tricks to teach your dog for tackling their pet dog.

•    Sit: 2-how-to-teach-tricks-for-pet-dogs-3

Sit is one of the most important and basic trick so you must teach your dog to sit. Say sit and wait for sitting down and get treat after sitting. Then repeat this saying for sitting and check your dog to understand their instruction. When your dog is in sit position until your saying it means they understand your saying. If your dog doesn’t understand then move your hand for sitting hint and give treat after following their instruction and show affection after their sitting. You can also repeat few times on daily basis. In this way they can trained to sit tricks.

•    Down:


Down’ trick is also one of the difficult tricks to teach your dog. When you can learn down trick for your dog then must give treat for learning this trick. Firstly find it good smelling treat handle in your closed hand and your hand near your dog nose and dog smell it then say to down and follow your instruction with then give treat as reward. When your dog follow your down instruction then leave the treat on floor  in this way down  position  and eat treat. Repeat this session for saying down position. If they can’t understand then hand waving trick is applying for learning down position. You can teach this instruction till learning.

•    Come:


Come is also one of the difficult tricks after sitting or down trick. To teach ‘come’ with positive reinforcement and get close to their nose sweet smelling treat.  Firstly go down to dog level and say come with hand waving until come position. If he can’t come then pulling on their leash slowly for coming position.  Repeat this trick for good learning. For this you can also repeat for few days. After learning some treats give as reward.

•    Stay:


Stay is also one of the more essential tricks to teach your dog. When you can teach stay trick then say to sit and then wave your hand and say stay. For teaching stay trick few steps back and repeat this trick for good leaning. After one step to give treat. Step by step increase their teaching steps and you should also give reward for your dog. Stay trick is best exercise of your dog for self control learning.

•    Leave it:


Leave it is the best training trick o save from any kind of dangerous because dogs are curious and smell everything to eat but some things are dangerous for it. In this leave it trick you can teach your dog to leave and ignoring the dangerous items. To learn this trick you should place a treat in both hands. Show one hand treat and say leave it.

For this puppy try through their paw mouth sniff and bark then you can ignore their behavior when they can stop to trying getting treat then giving another hand treat give your dog. Repeat this session for several times until to learn leave it tricks.  If you can see your dog learn this trick then one experiment on your dog with two treats. One is good treat and other hand carry sweet smelling dog favorite food. And say leave it. If they ignore the good treat then it means they learn this trick.

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These all tricks can learn step by step with reputation and positive reinforcement. One trick is lean little time on daily basis. When you can teach your dog ticks, and then gradually learn tricks. When your dog is learn one trick completely then learn other trick with first trick association.  In this way your dog learns in better way.

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