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Friendly Small Reddish Brown Wallaroo as Pet

 Do wallaroo make good pets? Our answer is in yes form. Big ears, soulful eyes wallaroo are closely related to kangaroo. Wallaroo body size is round about 60 to 70 cm. male wallaroo body weight is 19 to 22 kg and female 13 kg. If you want to owning a wallaroo make sure give him proper home. In three species of this kingdom wallaroo come in middle among the kangaroos and wallabies. Enjoy more about wallaroo scroll down the page.

Interesting Fact about Wallaroo:

Wallaroo survive in life without water three month. It mostly gets water from the food that eats.

Female wallaroo become soon pregnant after giving the first birth but new embryo remains undeveloped until the pouch become free.

Wallaroo Appearance:


Wallaroo have muscular body, upright hop, turned down paw, hairless nose. Wallaroo coat color come in varies reddish brown to blue gray. Almost black color found in wallaroo.

Wallaroo House:


For wallaroo housing you need large space in which wallaroo enjoy long jump. Very securely fenced yard minimum 6 feet tall you must provide to wallaroo house. If your area temperature fall between 40 to 80 degree that don’t woody about for providing heating device in wallaroo house. 200 square feet living space you can arrange for your pet wallaroo.

Wallaroo Feeding:


If you are owner of babbly wallaroo then prepare bottle milk for him. For pet wallaroo give them herbivores, grazing on grass and shrubs. Grassy space gives best hay to your wallaroo. Clean, fresh water always arrange for your pet wallaroo.

Wallaroo Breeding:


Young wallaroo reach at sexual maturity period at 20 month of age. Grey wallaroo take 32 days gestation period.

Wallaroo Health:


Wallaroo face many diseases in which most common is roundworms. They get diseases ringworm through bacteria. Annually checkup of wallaroo and fecal parasite exam keep pet wallaroo healthy.

Wallaroo Behavior:


Wallaroo make friendly behavior with owner. Some people confuse with their illness. Wallaroo salivating their arm and paws for keep their body cool in hot environment. Pet wallaroo follow your house and even get along with other pets.

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