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Friendly Red Fox for Pet Lovers


If you make a question are red foxes good pet or not then answer will be in “yes”. The owner of red for saying these are as sweet as you have pet cat. This species of foxes have a scientific name “vulpes” and are largest as compare to other foxes. Unbelievable fact about the red foxes sense is that it can judge the pray under thick grass or even through burrows. Their sense of smell is high as compare to others.



Red fox are raise in black, silver and other color. In autumn and winter season their body more fill with fur. Their body is raising at least 24 ponds and length goes down at 46 to 86 centimeter. With their longs and strong legs red fox run easily fast 48 kilometer per hour speed.

Life Span:


Red foxes have life span just for 3 years.



Red foxes are friendly with pet cat and dog but if you allow them to share the same food with other animal then it become selfish and pointed them. In early morning and night time red foxes become active and alert.



Red foxes are omnivore and like to eat insects, fruit, worms, game birds.



The reproduction time period comes one time in a year in the life of red foxes. The gestation period continue within 49 to 58 days. When the red foxes born the kits after passing 13 to 15 days these kits open eyes. Male foxes give feed to female when she becomes pregnant. Within three week their skin color change.

Health and Care:


Young female red foxes have no ability to maintain the body temperature. You should provide them heat and comfort environment. Allow the red fox that she selects the place which is best suited for it. Hot water bottle is place in red fox cage that gives more heat to them.



Mostly red foxes like to live in dig hole. But if you like pet red fox than you must construct the home floor of ceramic or marble. Don’t place the carpet on the floor red fox rinse urine of it and your room becomes smelly.

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