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Friendly Behave Orange Legs Pekin Duck Life Detail

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The pekin duck are domestic duck that usually people get for egg and meat purpose. Its friendly behave inspire people to like as pet. These are first come from united state I 1873. Their average life span is 9 to 12 years. Learn more about these from below!


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An adult pekin body weight is round about 11 pounds. You can easily found pekin by its yellow bill and creamy white feathers. Orange shanks and toes with upturned rump give him cute look beauty. Pekin ducks plumages are mostly in white color with yellow tinge. Obvious about ducks is reared them in home not at outdoor space under sunlight. If you feel difficult in determine the gender keep I mind male duck has curled in tail feather while ducklings have bright yellow plumage.


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Ducks like to eat pupae and larvae that commonly found under rocks, in plant animal, small fish, snails, aquatic animals. Instead of teeth pekin ducks long beak allow them to filter food easily from water. If natural food becomes insufficient dusks can easily sustain from a pool, garden and lawn. Don’t give geese food to ducks it’s not suit able for their health, If you decide to give geese food that its quantity should be in limit. For laying quality eggs you must give calcium food that can buy from store. Corn carrot, cucumber cut in small pieces and provides them. Citrus food doesn’t give the ducks.


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Pekin ducks that are 35 days old or laying eggs need to kept at 55 degree temperature. Provide cool water in hot days for swimming. Provide a shelter to ducks house and keep it clean 3 times in a week. When weather is cold then 14 to 17 hours light will glow in their house. During spring days female ducks lay eggs so provide a wide space nearby water. When is lay down the eggs, hiding the eggs because next time duck hatch.


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When you feed your duck observe about it health. If you feel they lose their feathers and don’t give attention to food take them to vet that will best guide you and give medicine as necessary.


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Pekin duck an egg takes 28 days under 99.5o F t develop new born baby. Heartbeat after 3 day can feel during incubation. If you are giving artificial incubate through the machine then remove the eggs after three days. Compare ducks eggs with other birds these are easily to hatch.

Hatching and Young Ducklings:


Pekin hatching has bright yellow plumage with orange color feet and beak. Hatching not allow swimming in water unless become mature. Feather of young ducklings are not sufficient as best for swimming. After some period Mother Duck monitor the ducklings and teach them how to swim.


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Mature pekin duck body weight found between 8 to 11 pounds. The black eyes of duck help them to see at long distance. Adult pekin lay down 200 eggs per year. Only one egg laid the pekin duck at any time in day. Be sure remove things from space that disturb them during walk.

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