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Friendly behave lizard to make pet


Lizards are the best reptiles to enjoy as pet. This types of reptiles being held to easy and don’t injured you as compare to others. The word lizard for reptile is synonym for reptiles. Lizards are slow worm with four legs throughout live in motion. These are founded in to different breeds but the top 5 breeds re best for held as pet like under

Pet Breeds:


Bearded dragon (life span 10 years)

Green iguana ( life span 20 years)

Leopard gecko ( at least 30 years )

Carolina anole ( 4 to 6 years )

Blue-tongued skink ( 20 years )

Body Structure:


Pet lizard have thick horny layer that protect them from heat. These can easily mold their skin with their long tail. Wonderful fact about their body structure is that lizard born with two tongues. Their body size medium to large with different color span and shapes. Leopard lizard body size is approximately 18 to 20 cm and bearded dragon 50 to 60, blue tongued 60 cm, 2 meters.



Lizards don’t make fight and like to live lonely. Lizards are quiet and tolerate. They can easily move on the wall and see other lizard then share their food. They can make best friendship with other animal and look interesting.



Lizard can eat other animal with their best digestive system and also can eat vegetarian item. Soft foods like waxworms, pinkies, are batter for pet lizard. Give them fresh water in a bowl or on plant leaves, because lizard like to take drink water in drop way.


Before selection of lizard cage you must first known about your pet lizard nature then buy the cage. Lizard size play important role for moving down the body. Cover the floor with soft things like rabbit fur that make easy and quick walking. Lizard some time wants to set in hiding place so put the bark slab, ceramic log near thi9er cage.

Health And Care:


Lighting fixture arrangement must for pet lizard to absorb the vitamin “D”. When temperature falls down in season then provides heat to keep healthy pet lizard. Temperature for different lizard is not same according to their body temperament give the heat.

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