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French bulldog as Companion Pet




French bulldog is the small bread domestic dog. They are known as companion dog. French bulldog is comical and dependent dog. These dogs are quite friendly with everyone. They are peaceful with other pets. French bulldog is also famous as Frenchie. They can easily to live in home environment. They can originate from France and England.

Life span:


Their approximately life span is round about 10 to 12 years.

Physical appearance:


French bull dog are sturdy little dog. As their appearance they can have large square head with round forehead. French bull dog upper lips are hanged down on the lower lips. Their eyes are prominent ion their face. Their round shaped eyes are in dark colors. Their nose is also black color in light coat dog. Their ears are erect as bat triangular shaped at the based and round at tips. Their body weight is 16 to 28 pound. Their height is also 12 inches.

Coat colors:


Their coat colors are white, brindle and white, tan, cream, fawn and black.



French bulls dog are basically a companion dog. They are playful active and alert dog. They are patient and affectionate dog. They are also having comical personality. They can playful with their owner and their family members. They are fun-loving dogs so, easily to handle as pet.



French bull dog can also need plenty of exercise. They can also need daily walk. When you can keep as pet then take care of their plenty of exercise. They are very playful and energetic dog. Some time spend their pet dog and care of them. You can go with their pet morning and evening walk.



They are active and intelligent dog. They are good trainer dog. French bull dog can keep as pet then trained with positive reinforcement such as food and playing reward.

Litter size:


Their litter size is about 3to 5 puppies.



Their grooming is very easy. Regular brushing need make cute and pretty dog. Take bath when they needed.



French bull dogs are basically indoor dogs. They are like to live on sofa and couch. Indoor setting they can live with their owner in friendly way.



They can require 1to 1 ½ cup high quality dry food. When you can keep then take care of their meal and give high quality dog food as their body requirement.

Health &care:


French bull dog basically strong muscular dog but they can fell in some diseases such as hip dysplasia, allergies, cleft palate, and elongated soft palate. When they can prey in such disease then take out their veterinary doctor and proper treatment start till cure.

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