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Is Flightless kiwi good pet-amazing facts


Flightless birds are amazing pets kiwi is one of them belonging to Apterygidae family origin to New Zealand. These birds are found in domestic chick size that lay larger eggs beside their body size. Kiwi is unofficial symbol of New Zealand. It’s cute and endangered bird have amazing facts which makes him good pets. Kiwi are founded in five species named as greater spotted, little spotted, okarito, southern brown and north island brown kiwis.

Kiwi as Nocturnal


Kiwis are shy and night loving birds. We found Nocturnal habits in kiwis which may result from threat that they feel for predators. They also frightened form humans. Kiwi birds now seem in daylight in those where predators has removed.

Female kiwis are wonderful moms


Female kiwi lay larger size egg in relation to her body size as egg is 20% of her body size then any specie in the world that weight about 16oz. kiwi mom lay single eggs at a time that have larger yolk in it. Kiwi baby hatch with full feathered and health in independent ways due to bigger portion of yolk in egg.

Enduring relation between couples

Kiwi couples are ties is unbreakable relation as we found steady commitment between couples as they   live as monogamous couples, who they spend entire life with each other (mate for life). Males and female kiwis call out at night with significant sounds and meet in their nesting( burrows).

Incisive olfactory senses


Kiwi birds have highly developed olfactory senses that allow them to smell underground prey. Their good smelling habit because they have nostrils at the end of their sniffers along with sensory pits. This characteristic make it rear as it only one who have this feature.

Flightless kiwi as amazing grounder


Kiwis are flightless birds as they cannot fly due to lake of wingspan that found other flying bird that fly they best live at ground and nesting burrows in ground to keep save from predators.

Bushy coat s for ground life-style


Hair-like feathery coat   gives appealing appearance and able him to survive on ground. Bushy like coat camouflage kiwi when they feel threat from aerial predators as it help him to blend with brush.

Territorial Kiwi


Kiwi has nocturnal nature have trimmed claw like a razor which they use to attacks. Stay away from them as they may damage you. They follow hit- and- run theory.

Flight less kiwi


New Zealand is old island that separate from other land have no mammals first that tend   bird to give up fly as they easily prey on ground without any mammals threat but now human habitation in new Zealand destroyed to habitation of kiwi and most of ground kiwi hit by human cars that’s way it two species are currently vulnerable.

Is kiwi good pet or not


Kiwi is not a social anima as human is greater predator for them. Due to changing habitation kiwi species are endangered and vulnerable. So it recommended that kiwi as not good pets. They are active at night and feed at night so you have to wake up at night for them. It rare breed available as higher cost. Keeping a kiwi is just wastage of time and money.

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