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Flashy Knob Tail Pet Golden Gecko


Gecko badenii are well known with other name Golden geckos. These species of lizard are native to humid. You can easily find the golden geckos on pet store, Due to their golden personalities its look so interesting. These lizards become mature in 15 to 18 moth of life. Golden geckos remain active in night time. These are found in wide range all over the world.



Male golden geckos have flashy knobs on tail and inside of legs but female not look as. Male lizard has golden yellow skin color while female in dark green color.



Golden geckos can hurt you when these become under stress. You not live the multi male golden geckos in one cage because they don’t make sharing with other. As compare to male female golden geckos are better to live gather. To hold them in hand is not easy due to their soft skin.

Life Span:


Golden geckos can enjoy their life at least 8 year. But if you give proper diet to pet golden geckos then it can live more years.

Body Size:


Male body size is large then female. Mostly male golden geckos grow 4 to 5 inches in body and 7 to inches tail while female reach 3 to 4 inches in body and 6 to 7 in tail.



As you know golden geckos like climbing activates more so always provide them wide house. You arrange standard size 20 gallon for pet golden geckos. As compare to adult baby golden geckos can live easily in 10 gallon house. Perfect housing for golden geckos may be cage or terrarium. In their house you provide the branches of trees, driftwood, and live plants.

Light and Temperature:


This breeds of lizard are nocturnal so no need of extra light in their house. These golden geckos have tolerated nature but you arrange the 75 to 85 Fahrenheit temperature in night time. With the help of digital thermometer you can check the temperature humidity in night time.



Golden geckos like o enjoy wide Varighty of insects in diet, but you also provide those soft fruit like ripe mango, papaya and banana. Calcium and vitamin D3 you can provide must one time in week for good health. Give fresh water in a clean bowl.

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